Where Black Lives Don’t Matter


by Ian Mosley

Imagine hundreds of police using “gruesome violence” on a Black political protest. Did this happen in Ferguson or Texas or Arizona? No, this brutal suppression of Blacks took place in Kenya so nobody in the liberal media gives a damn and mentioning this would draw attention to the backward nature of Kenya, Obama’s ancestral homeland, so forget seeing it in the liberal American media.

A BBC news article reports: “A leading rights group has accused Kenyan police of using ‘gruesome violence’ to break up an opposition protest in the capital on Monday. Protesters were beaten up even after being subdued, said the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights.”

Imagine if you will White cops in America doing anything of the kind. There would be massive howls of protest on a nationwide scale and the #BlackLivesMatter crowd would be turning somersaults in the streets.

The article continues “Kenya’s police chief said officers intervened to curb lawlessness, but an internal inquiry would be held to look into the allegations against them. The opposition called the protest to demand electoral reforms. Church leaders appealed for calm, saying next year’s general election should not lead to death and destruction….”

Most African police officers, when they’re not opening fire on crowds with live ammo, use rattan canes or long lengths of hardened bamboo for riot duty. It’s clubs straight to the head, no tear gas, no restraint.

But note the absolute silence from the American liberal media on not just this incident, but the innumerable other regular atrocities committed by African governments against their own people, of which Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Idi Amin in Uganda, the Emperor Bokassa in Central Africa and the completely insane Macias of Equatorial Guinea are typical.

I suppose if Americans knew a little more about this history, they wouldn’t have insisted that Nelson Mandela take over South Africa or that Barack Obama become president of the U.S.

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