Trump Gets 1,237 Delegates, Effectively Wins Republican Nomination

Donald Trump

by James Buchanan

A CNN article reports “Donald Trump has the delegates to clinch the GOP presidential nomination, according to a CNN delegate count Thursday.”

“While Trump has had the nomination locked down for weeks, he has now reached the threshold of 1,237 delegates with the help of previously uncommitted delegates who now support his candidacy. A handful of states, including the large prizes of California and New Jersey, will hold the final primaries on June 7.”

“While Trump will not formally accept the party’s nomination until the delegates cast their votes on the convention floor in July, crossing the threshold effectively puts to rest any remaining suspense about the possibility of a messy and contested convention.”

The rise of Donald Trump is no mere accident. The political columnist, Ann Coulter was clever enough to predict that if someone in the Republican party came out and took an unshakeable stand against illegal immigration, he would rise to the top of the pack and win the Republican nomination for president.

Donald Trump no doubt followed Miss Coulter’s observations and decided to put theory into practice. Trump easily swept aside most of his Republican competition. His biggest competitor, Ted Cruz, belatedly copied Trump’s stand on immigration, but more Republicans were inclined to trust the self-funding Trump, than the latecomer chameleon, Cruz who would eventually have to pay back his financial masters at Goldman-Sachs, who would eventually tell him to drop his stand against illegal immigrants.

Trump did not win the nomination in a vacuum. There was an army of Internet activists, who attacked the System Republicans, the mainstream media and who cleverly promoted Trump and helped secure his victory.

These same activists will help Trump go after Hillary with even more enthusiasm.

While it’s true the Democrats have built up an army of parasites to vote for them, many Democrats still rely on jobs in the private sector to feed their families, and it’s become clear that our politicians are doing nothing to protect American jobs and they’re doing everything to stab us in the back and create treaties that export our jobs to China and Mexico or to transfer those jobs to foreigners with H1B visas, who sometimes are trained by the very Americans, whose jobs are about to be stolen!!

Millions of moderates and working Democrats are likely to choose Trump over the thoroughly Crooked Hillary, whose political ambition is only exceeded by her dishonesty.

What we are seeing is a revolutionary transformation of American politics. If Donald Trump keeps his promise to deport illegal aliens and put a ban on Muslim immigration, he will buy us valuable time and take millions of votes away from the Democrat Party. Hopefully, this will lead to even more radical changes as people wake up to the real problems facing America.

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