Vote Fraud in the 2016 Austrian Election


An article from the American Thinker website notes “As the days go by, the results of the Austrian presidential election get more suspicious.  According to the official results, the far-left candidate Alexander Van der Bellen defeated Norbert Hofer from the Freedom Party of Austria by just 31,000 votes…”

“The lights were already blinking red on the day the results were being released.  Writing for Breitbart soon thereafter, James Delingpole didn’t mince words and called the election a sham:

We were continually assured by the left-liberal media how awful it would be if the (supposed) “far-right” candidate Norbert Hofer won. But actually the victory of Green candidate Alexander Van der Bellen – on, likely, a rigged ballot – is far, far worse. It’s bad for democracy: Hofer lost by just 31,000 of the 4.64 million votes cast. Suspicions are bound to fall on the 700,000 votes cast in the postal ballot, which appears to be what swung it for Van der Bellen. But postal votes as we know – especially from the experience of Muslim-dominated constituencies in the UK – are prone to rampant fraud. Austrians who voted for Hofer are talking about “betrug” – fraud – and this may well be more than sour grapes. In some areas there was a remarkable 146.9 percent voter turnout…

“Austrians should be concerned.  There are red flags all over these results.”

“The supposed explanations for the 147% voter turnout in Waidhofen an der Ybbs and another problematic result in Linz test the limits of credulity in a modern, purportedly democratic, state.”

An image of a social media post appears below by an antifa (anti-fascist, typically Communist) activist who was boasting that he was being paid to “count” votes with a very strong implication that the “counting” was not going to be fair.


Add to all this the fact that 165,212 ballots were declared “invalid” in a very straightforward ballot with only two names on it as noted here while the margin of victory was only 31,000 votes.

Hofer was leading the leftist by 51.9 percent versus 48.1 percent before the absentee ballots were counted. In American elections, the absentee ballots invariably go heavily for the conservative candidate. In Europe, vote fraud involving absentee ballots is apparently a serious problem.

At least one precinct has filed an accusation of vote fraud. It’s not clear if anything will be done such as a recount of the absentee ballots (where the biggest potential of fraud exists). Hofer has been strangely submissive not making a peep about what is clearly a very shady-looking election that needs to be investigated. Thankfully, some patriots in Austria are screaming “vote fraud” and it remains to be seen if anyone will look into Communists counting (and invalidating) the ballots and other anomalies.

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