Was the Austrian Election Stolen?


by James Buchanan

The Muslim and African invasion of Europe has gone from bad to worse. Any White woman who dares to wear normal, Western clothing in public is in danger of being deemed “a whore” and subjected to gang-rape by groups of Muslim men, who have absolutely zero respect for the lives of what they call “infidels.”

The Muslims invading Europe have an average IQ of 85 points and have no ability whatsoever to “replace” the much more intelligent and well-educated White workers, whom some politicians think need replacing because of a declining White birth rate.

Why is the White birth rate declining? Could it possibly be a result of the first wave of Third World people, who invaded Europe and over-crowded public housing so that White people can no longer get affordable homes in safe neighborhoods?

Are White people putting off having White children because Third World invaders have made housing and education much more expensive?

The low IQ children of these Third World people have flooded the public school system and ruined the education process. Gangs of Third World children will assault White children whenever they get a numerical edge, leading to many public schools becoming too dangerous for White children, forcing White parents to pay a fortune to private schools just to get the same level of education and safety that White children used to get for free before the Third World people showed up.

Crime is out of control in many Muslim neighborhoods –some of which police have been dubbed “No Go” areas, which even the police avoid. A 60 Minutes film crew in Sweden was assaulted, hit by a car and forced to retreat when they tried to document what it’s like to be White people in a Muslim neighborhood as can be seen here.

Given all this information, can anyone believe that Europeans would want MORE of this insanity? Can anyone believe that Austrians want these problems to just continue to grow worse without bound? Can anyone believe that White people would vote for some Communist hack instead of a European patriot, who would put an end to this destruction of their homeland?

Well, the Jewish-owned news media in Austria is telling us that a recent election in which an Austrian patriot, who would have stopped the Muslim invasion “lost” the presidential election even though he was leading his opponent by 3.8 percent before the “absentee ballots” were counted.

A Reuters news article from last week reported “Austria could elect the European Union’s first far-right head of state on Sunday, with support for Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer buoyed by a migration crisis that has heightened fears about employment and security.”

“Opinion polls suggest the presidential race between Hofer and former Greens leader Alexander van der Bellen will be close-run. A far-right victory would resonate throughout the 28-member bloc where migration driven by conflict in the Middle East and Africa has become a major political issue.”

“Austria took in 90,000 asylum seekers last year, more than 1 percent of its population, many of them shortly after it and neighboring Germany threw open their borders last autumn to a wave of migrants including refugees from Syria’s civil war.”

Needless to say almost every single one of those 90,000 asylum seekers went straight onto the welfare roles in Austria.

You don’t suppose the leftists and Jews might have ramped up the vote fraud to prevent the people of Austria from upsetting their grand plan to turn all of Europe into a racial dumping ground for Africa and the whole Muslim world.

A BBC article notes “Mr Van der Bellen, a pro-EU independent backed by the Greens, beat Mr Hofer by just 31,000 votes among the 4.64m cast… Mr Hofer’s campaign had targeted anti-EU feelings and fears about migrants. He said his defeat was a ‘sad day’.”

Did the estimated 90,000 Muslims who invaded Austria in the last year get to vote in this election? How about the hundreds of thousands of earlier Muslim invaders, who make up nine percent of the Austrian population? Is it fair for foreign invaders who are currently getting welfare and government supplied housing in Austria to get to vote in a national election to determine the future of Austria?

The participation of these foreign parasites alone should be grounds for invalidating this leftist “victory.”

Just prior to the counting of the absentee ballots an ibtimes article notes “Hofer led with 51.9 percent to 48.1 percent for Van der Bellen after all regular ballots cast on Sunday were counted.”

So we’re supposed to believe that the normally conservative absentee ballots not only went for the leftist, but went overwhelmingly for the leftist candidate, wiped out the 3.8 percent lead that the right-wing candidate had and gave the leftist a razor-thin victory margin of 31,000 votes.

The Austrian election was stolen beyond any reasonable doubt! The same criminals, who run the EU and who have been enforcing genocidal policies against the people of Europe have stolen the election in Austria to continue their anti-White policies.

The people in Austria can either meekly go along with their destruction or they can resist the government tyranny that is destroying their nation.

If every conservative person in Austria went “on strike,” refusing to do any work whatsoever until the Muslims are deported, the economy of Austria would collapse in a few months. Their government is already badly overburdened by the enormous strain of hundreds of thousands of Muslims on welfare.

The least that patriotic Austrians can and should do is quit feeding the Beast that is out to destroy them. Stop working. Stop paying taxes, and let the illegitimate government that just stole the election go bankrupt. It’s not only the right thing to do; it’s the necessary thing to do, now that the Jews and leftists have shown that they will not allow the Austrian people to have a fair vote on their future.


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