Race Riots in Los Angeles Public Schools

Race Riot in Sylmar

by Jeff Davis

Way back in the 1970s and ’80s, a “race riot” in a public high school likely meant ghetto Blacks assaulting White students. Why were Blacks being shoved into public schools in White neighborhoods clear across town? Because a leftist federal judge somewhere in the U.S. in response to a lawsuit drawn up by a far-left, Jewish activist law firm waved his hand and decreed that Black students needed to be bused into White schools because Black student test scores continued to be rock bottom.

Of course busing ghetto Blacks into White neighborhoods failed miserably to improve Black test scores because Blacks as a whole have a low IQ and that problem can’t be solved by judicial decree or lunatic social experiments by liberal imbeciles.

The net result of sixty years of left-wing activist lawsuits, de-Segregation and busing has been to make the public school system too dangerous and dysfunctional for White children. White people who stay in the big cities or suburbs often wind up paying a considerable fortune to send their White children to private schools because the liberals and ghetto Blacks have ruined what used to be one of the finest public school systems in the world. Needless to say, the property taxes from these same White people are stolen to pay for the public schools that only teach minority students now.

To add even more insanity to an already unfair and insane situation, the Blacks and Latinos, who make up most of the students in many big city public schools, are proving that Diversity doesn’t work even for just Blacks and Latinos sharing a school.

An article on Infowars reports: “A massive race riot between blacks and Hispanics broke out at a Los Angeles high school on Monday. Cell phone videos show students at Sylmar High School violently punching and kicking one another while completely ignoring attempts by police to break up their fights.”

“Some 40 students were involved in the melee and 12 officers and a host of school staffers were seen struggling to get the situation under control. KTLA says several students told them the riot was race and gang related.”

“Superintendent Michelle King released the following statement:”

“As the head of the most diverse school district in the nation, let me be very clear: We will not tolerate targeting or violence of any kind on our campuses. Regarding the recent conflict at Sylmar High School, law enforcement is continuing to investigate. All parents and guardians have been notified about the incident, and appropriate disciplinary action is being taken.”

First of all, the Los Angeles school district is NOT diverse. It’s almost all Blacks and Latinos. Also, the only way that these ethnic conflicts go away is when one particular race takes over a school. The Latinos have pushed the Blacks out of vast areas of Los Angeles and have often done so quite violently.

An honest person might come to the conclusion that Diversity doesn’t work. It sure as hell doesn’t make any civilization stronger, and it’s turned the L.A. school system into a battleground between the last two races still using it, Blacks and Latinos, and it’s forbidden to talk in public about how hyper-violent Blacks drove most -if not all of the White children out of that system decades ago unless you want our usual enemies calling you a “racist” for telling the truth.


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