Denmark Plagued by Non-White Crime

by Ian Mosley

A recent news article reports “Eighty percent of all criminals active in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen are nonwhite foreigners, according to the Danish police. In particular, Gypsies from Romania and Africans from Nigeria are prominent in the crime figures.”

“Only one in five criminals arrested are ‘Danish,’ —that, is have Danish nationality, which does not mean that they are European. The huge foreign crime element is, Metroxpress said, a huge burden on police resources.”

“The 80 percent foreign crime rate came to light when a Copenhagen police report was uncovered by that newspaper. The report said that four out (of) five criminals appearing in Copenhagen’s Dommervagten (the preliminary hearing courts) were ‘foreigners’—and that ‘Romanians and Nigerians’ dominate the lists.”

“The ‘Romanians’ are of course actually Gypsies—a notoriously criminal group of Indian-origin nonwhites who use their Romanian European Union nationality to spread all over western Europe looking for richer pickings.”

A tiny country like Denmark or Ireland simply cannot survive a mass invasion like this. It will eventually collapse. The Danes are at least beginning to take a few countermeasures, such as confiscating anything of value the “migrants” bring into the country in order to pay for their upkeep, although even that minor step has caused screams of anguish throughout world liberalism.

The best course of action would be to keep these Third World invaders out of White nations. They should be no more welcome than they were when they laid siege to Vienna over three centuries ago. At least back then White people saw them as enemy invaders and were willing to fight back.

Three generations of liberalism has brainwashed many White people into accepting their own destruction. Hopefully White people, who are still sane can rise up and stop the madness. Perhaps America will set the example by electing Donald Trump to be the next president.


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