Incredible Day: Trump Wins Indiana, Cruz Drops Out

Donald Trump

by James Buchanan

A Yahoo news article reports “Donald Trump scored a landslide victory in Indiana’s Republican presidential primary Tuesday, dealing a knockout blow to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who abruptly ended his campaign, making the real estate mogul turned insurgent candidate the party’s likely nominee this November.”

“Just one other Republican remained in the race: Ohio Gov. John Kasich, whose advisers said he would continue to campaign. But with Kasich mathematically eliminated from amassing a majority of delegates, Trump claimed the mantle of the party’s presumptive nominee…”

Donald Trump now has 1053 delegates according to CNN and his main competitor, Cruz has dropped out of the race.

Trump was on track to win 1,237 delegates after the New York primary. After his five state sweep with overwhelming majorities last week, there was little doubt that he would get enough delegates, and the latest victory snuffed out the last realistic chance for Cruz to pick up another state.

Trump will get over 1,400 delegates (perhaps even 1,498) by the last primaries on June 7th. The Cleveland Republican presidential convention is going to be a bit anti-climatic with Donald Trump easily winning on the first ballot.

The liberal media, which told us that Trump couldn’t possibly defeat Jeb Bush, has been telling us that Trump couldn’t possibly defeat Hillary Clinton. That “conventional wisdom” is already falling apart as Trump has caught up to Hillary in several recent polls, and Trump has not even begun to seriously attack Hillary.

The boring, stodgy System candidate Hillary stands little more chance than Jeb. She may get the welfare crowd voting for her, but millions of moderates don’t like the direction the country has been going, and they’re not going to trust crooked Hillary to solve their problems. This election is going to be fun.


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