Lyin’ Ted Gets Owned by Protestor, Twice

Cruz Canadian 2

by James Buchanan

An article from the Washington Times reports “The Texas senator walked up to a half dozen protesters who were carrying blue-and-white Trump signs and shouting out ‘we don’t want you,’ ‘do the math’ and ‘time to drop out.’”

“‘…Donald Trump is deceiving you, playing you for a chump,’ Mr. Cruz told a burly man wearing sunglasses and holding a Trump sign.”

“’Lyin’ Ted,’ shouted the man, repeating the label Mr. Trump has stuck upon Mr. Cruz.”

First of all, how desperate is a candidate when he walks up to someone this late in the campaign holding a Trump sign and then starts arguing with him? Also would you trust someone, who stays in the race this late after he’s been mathematically eliminated? I’m getting the impression that Cruz is either delusional or he can’t do basic math.

The article doesn’t do the encounter justice. The John and Ken Show was playing the audio this Monday. People in the crowd were chanting “Lyin’ Ted.” Mr. Cruz for reasons known only to himself and his ego walks over to confront them. Cruz has a habit of pausing frequently, which can lead to disaster when a quick-witted protestor finishes your sentences for you. The following exchange took place:

Cruz: “The country would be better off (pause)”

Trump guy: “Without you”


Cruz: “The question you should be asking is (pause)”

Trump guy: “Are you Canadian?”

Other good lines from the encounter include:

Trump guy: “Name one politician who is self-funded.”

Trump guy: “Where’s your Goldman-Sachs jacket?”

Trump guy: “You’ll find out tomorrow. Indiana don’t want you.”

Ann Coulter remarked in a recent article “Congratulations to Ted Cruz for winning his fourth primary! Usually Donald Trump wins the primaries — where you go and vote, like in a real election. Cruz wins the caucuses — run by the state parties, favored by political operators and cheaters.”

Ted Cruz just lost six primaries (where real people got to vote) in a row by overwhelming majorities. The American people have chosen Trump to deal with the illegal alien problem and not Ted Cruz, whom Ron Paul said was “owned by Goldman Sachs.”

Trump can be trusted to deport the illegal aliens because he is funding his own campaign. Ted Cruz can’t be trusted because he’s taking money from Goldman-Sachs.

You can see the confrontation between Cruz and the Trump guy below, just fast-forward to 4:20 unless you want to wade through all the “lie sandwiches” that Cruz throws out. (You know, the same lies Cruz told during the debates that got him the name “Lyin’ Ted.”


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