Blacks Getting Paid to Teach Propaganda in Public Schools

White privilege White Guilt

by Jeff Davis

An article on reports “There’s no question that the Pacific Educational Group, a San Francisco-based education consulting company, is a successful for-profit enterprise. It’s a standing tribute to American capitalism, and the success that entrepreneurs of all races can experience in a free market economy.”

“Of course PEG’s overt mission is to improve educational opportunities for black and other minority children.The company sells the notion that the American education system is unfairly based on traditional white cultural norms (white privilege in schools) to the benefit of white students and the detriment of minorities.”

This is yet another race hustle and it is indeed extremely profitable. Just take a look at the $5,000 suits Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson typically are wearing. A Forbes article notes “Al Sharpton was in the news again, this time over giving himself a 71% raise. Rev. Sharpton is the president of National Action Network–NAN for short. It is a civil rights organization with chapters and affiliates across America. NAN collected a tidy $6.9 million in 2014, up $2 million from the prior year. …the nice uptick in donations evidently left a cushion to increase Rev. Sharpton’s pay from $241,545 to $412,644, including a bonus of $64,400.”

Shaking down companies from Coca Cola to IBM for donations to prove they’re not racist is a very profitable racket.

The Eagnews article continues “The product it sells to schools involves training for teachers and other staff members, so they can better understand and relate to the needs of minority students.”

“One might assume that PEG’s founder and president, Glenn Singleton, who is a black man, wants better instruction for minority kids so they can follow his path and become successful participants in the American economy. Yet PEG has working relationships with a number of radical progressive academics who condemn American capitalism and society in general.”

Schools are often strong-armed into buying this by Democrat school boards and the NEA teacher’s union, which is in fact an extension of the ruling Democrat Party.

Since the company’s success depends on strong-arm “marketing” from the ruling political establishment, it is in fact an example of what is called “crony capitalism,” capitalism making a profit off a corrupt government.

The article notes “These academics seem intent on convincing minority students that the education system, and American society in general, are biased against them. Instead of motivating students for success, they seem like they want to convince them they are victims of an unjust society that requires radical transformation. The fact that PEG takes advantage of the free enterprise system to make a lot of money is beyond dispute.”

“ recently surveyed a small sampling of school districts that contracted with PEG during the 2014-15 school year, to determine how much they paid for the consulting services.”

“Eighteen school districts reported paying PEG a combined $1.56 million in that one year. Seven of those districts paid the company six figures:”

Lawrence, Kansas – $125,575
Osseo, Minnesota – $208,800
Bellevue, Washington – $153,600
Pittsburgh – $123,324
Baltimore County, Maryland – $138,930
Corvallis, Oregon – $105,055
St. Paul, Minnesota – $369,828

“That’s a pretty significant haul for PEG, in and of itself. Then consider that PEG listed 183 districts across the nation as clients on its website last year…”

Imagine some pro-White consulting firm that tried to instill self-confidence and pride in White American students getting government money from school districts in America -that is to say taxpayers’ money. The Jewish-owned liberal news media would be screaming non-stop if we got even one contract, but here we see a left-wing organization, which is promoting racial divisiveness and the fraudulent idea that White people have “White privilege” today while in reality White people are last in line for college entry, scholarships, jobs and promotions thanks to anti-White racial quotas, which discriminate by law against White people.

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