Trump Has Crushing Victory, Sweeping All Five States

New York Times Apr 26th

by James Buchanan

Donald Trump dished out a devastating defeat for his competition on Tuesday winning all five states by truly impressive margins. CNN credits Trump with a new total of 988 delegates putting him significantly closer to the 1,237 needed for the nomination. The New York Times has Trump winning Connecticut with 58%, Delaware with 61%, Maryland with 54%, Pennsylvania with 57% and Rhode Island with 64%.

Apparently Trump’s victory in New York last week with a 60 percent super majority of the vote is the new normal for Trump and not just a home state effect.

California with 172 delegates is coming up in June, and it’s a good bet that the stodgy, boring John Kasich and the Bible-waving Cruz are doomed to an even worse performance in the golden state. Trump seems certain to take California by an equally overwhelming margin. If Trump gets the lion’s share of California’s delegates and just two or three other states, he will easily clear the 1,237 delegate mark.

Out of the remaining ten states Cruz might stand a chance in Indiana, but Trump has so much momentum now, Trump might take Indiana and everything else. All the schemers and plotters in the RNC, who thought they would have a brokered convention, must be profoundly disappointed as ordinary Americans have found their man to deport the illegal aliens and to represent their interests rather than the typical sell out politicians, that everyone is sick of by now.




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