Vote against the Republican Amnesty Traitors in their Primaries

Amnesty Traitors 2013

by James Buchanan

Public opinion has never been more keenly focused on the issue of illegal aliens. We’ve been sold out repeatedly by system Republicans, who ignored their voters and failed to secure the border or mass deport illegals when George W. Bush was president. Some of these Republicans, led by John McCain and Lindsey Graham have even tried to stab us in the back with a mass Amnesty for the 22 to 34 million illegal aliens currently in the US.

The Tea Party did a good job hunting down most of the Amnesty traitors from the 2007 Amnesty bill and getting them voted out of the Senate. Even the firmly entrenched John McCain was given a run for his money, forcing him to spend $21 million to fight off a grass roots challenge in his last primary. Other Republican traitors in the Senate, Bob Bennett and Arlen Specter were successfully driven from office. Several “retired early.” One wonders how much money they were paid to vote for Amnesty.

Amnesty Traitors 2007

Despite the fact that the voters trashed the first group of Republican Amnesty traitors, a new crop of traitors surfaced in 2013 and tried to stab us in the back!! If Donald Trump is elected president, his presidency will be a lot easier if we help him by voting out all of the Republican Amnesty traitors in the Senate. We need to vote in the Republican primary against these Amnesty traitors and for candidates, who have come out clearly for deporting illegal aliens. Only about a third of the Senators are running for reelection every two years, so it will take a while to vote them all out.

Of course, we need to clean out the traitors in the House of Representatives too. The organization Numbers USA has graded the members of Congress on their stand on immigration, and you can find your Congressman and his grade at this link. The worse the grade, the more you should vote him out.

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