Another Third World Riot in France

Muslim Riot France

by Ian Moseley

Yet another race riot has happened in France, thanks to an insane policy of letting needy, low IQ invaders from Arabia and Africa into their once-civilized and great White nation.

The U.K. Daily Mirror tells us: “Migrants hurled pieces of wooden pallets and other makeshift weapons in a mass brawl outside a Paris metro station that forced police to use tear gas. Disbelieving residents called police twice as the first fight, broken up some time after 9pm, was rekindled at about 11.30pm on Thursday night.”

“Men can be seen hurling pieces of wood, bags and other missiles. At times the fighting is at close quarters but groups of the men later splinter apart, before police move in and tear gas is seen filling the air. Four people were taken to hospital after the battle finished, it was reported.”

“The spot, underneath a rail bridge at the elevated Stalingrad station, was until the end of last month the temporary home of nearly 1,000 migrants in a makeshift camp.”

And of course nothing was done at all. A few nations in Europe have rebelled against the Muslim invasion, including Poland, the Baltic states, Hungary and one or two other nations. Western Europe is still on a suicide mission to invite in as many Muslims and Africans as they can. It’s hard to believe that Merkel hasn’t been removed from power and locked up in a mental asylum where she belongs.

The article continues “The camp of Afghan, Somali, Eritrean and Sudanese migrants was cleared on March 30 by police and immigration authorities, but many have returned.”

Well, then obviously, they weren’t cleared out, were they? They weren’t put on a plane or a boat and sent back where they came from. They were merely shooed away from their shanty town for a few hours and then promptly returned.

I would not be surprised if they were putting these filthy Third Worlders in expensive tourist hotels at taxpayers’ expense. Of course this harms the French tourist industry because nobody can get a hotel room in Paris, not to mention whatever bed bugs these Africans and Arabs may be leaving behind in the hotels. France, Germany, Scandinavia and Britain need to wake up now while there’s still something left to save.

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