Trump Is NOT Going to Fix All of your Problems

by James Buchanan

The latest tempest in a teapot surrounding Donald Trump stems from a question he got during a question and answer session at NBC Today.

Bear in mind that two weeks ago, Trump made a somewhat tough candid statement about abortion, and virtually no one supported him. The entire media attacked him. Ted Cruz was completely silent, and Trump was left dangling in the wind all alone.

The NY Times reports “Donald J. Trump said Thursday that transgender people should be allowed to use whatever bathroom they feel most comfortable with — including at Trump Tower in New York.”

“Dipping into a contentious issue by taking a stand many Republicans oppose, Mr. Trump told a town-hall-style event, hosted by NBC’s ‘Today’ show at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, that when people go to the restroom, they should ‘use the bathroom they feel is appropriate.’”

“Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, was responding to a question about a bill that North Carolina’s governor signed into law last month that bars individuals in the state from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex.”

Now let’s suppose Trump said that he absolutely opposed transgender people using the bathrooms of their choice. If he had done that, Trump may have advocated a position that was ILLEGAL in New York and possibly Las Vegas and other cities where Trump is operating luxury hotels. Hundreds of transgender perverts would likely have swarmed his properties hoping to provoke an incident that they could turn into a lawsuit or legal action against Trump.

I’m sure Trump’s advisors are telling him to soften his image not to alienate women voters, who tend to be overly sympathetic to Gays and transgenders.

It’s also possible that Trump simply doesn’t care about this issue. There are only a handful of actual transgender people in the United States and Trump doesn’t want to be sidetracked into another fight on a morality issue that isn’t part of the president’s job.

All the “outraged” conservatives who are attacking Trump on this issue (many of whom are probably Ted Cruz trolls making a last ditch Banzai charge at Trump) should ask themselves why THEY haven’t done anything to help pass laws in their home towns to ban transgenders from using the wrong bathroom? This transgender/bathroom issue is something that needs to be dealt with on a local level, not the federal level.

Donald Trump is NOT going to solve every single problem facing America, and if he tries to wade into every single morality squabble, he’ll get hopelessly bogged down and never become president, which is what the liberals and System Republicans are hoping he’ll do.

Trump side-stepped this issue for understandable reasons. We’re supporting him to deport 34 million illegal aliens and to ban Muslim immigration to the United States, not to solve every morality issue that has cropped up over the last forty years.

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