Leftists Try to Disrupt Republican Event that Trump was Attending

Trump Pointing

by Jeff Davis

A CBS news article reports: “Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Grand Hyatt in Midtown Manhattan Thursday to protest GOP front-runner Donald Trump at the New York State Republican Committee’s annual gala. More than two dozen protesters were arrested, 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported.”

First of all, note the standard liberal description of violent, left-wing rioters as “protestors.” A protestor is someone who holds up a sign outside an event. A person, who comes onto private property to disrupt the event is no long a “protestor” but a criminal trying to deny someone their Right to Free Speech. In this case it was a private Republican event, which had invited Donald Trump.

How long do you think it would take police to arrest a group of right-wingers, who crashed a private event that Hillary was attending?

The article continues “WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reported some of those protesters made their way inside and up to the balcony level of the hotel, chanting and holding banners. Lamb said the protesters suddenly burst into an elevator where the press were, describing it as ‘guerrilla action.’ Lamb reported people in black ties were watching from the lobby with ‘looks of horror on their faces.’”

“At least nine protesters made it into the hotel, and they were all pulled out of the front door and put into a police van, D’Auria reported. Several others were arrested outside the hotel. Some of the protesters who remained outside hung an effigy of the billionaire businessman and chanted, ‘How do you spell racist? T-R-U-M-P.’”

It seems they must be graduates of the public school system since that they can’t spell and they think anyone to the right of Hillary must be a racist.

The continued attempted disruption of Trump rallies or any event that Trump is attending just draws more attention to him. The event went on despite the efforts of these neo-Communists, and Trump has become so used to these intrusions that it’s just a minor sideshow at each event for him.

One thing to remember about John McCain, Mitt Romney or even Ted Cruz is that they never inspired groups of radical leftists to come out. Now why is that? The radical leftists KNOW that none of those candidates would ever change anything. That more illegal aliens would keep pouring into the country which is the biggest goal of the far left.

Trump however is different. He’s based his whole campaign on mass deporting illegal aliens. The Left knows that he’s serious about this and that’s why they keep showing up at Trump events and causing trouble.

Sometimes you can spot an ally by taking note of the fact that your enemies are his enemies.


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