Polls Looking Good for Trump

Donald Trump

by James Buchanan

Donald Trump is back to having a commanding lead in the polls. Nationally, he’s got an 18 point lead over Cruz, who has dropped down to about the same percentage as John Kasich. Trump of course had a rough period with “gotcha” questions from hostile reporters, a false accusation of assault against his campaign manager, and the media going nuts over Cruz finally winning a primary with the help of the governor and local media in Wisconsin. Cruz normally only wins caucuses where cheating makes up for a lack of voter support.

About three weeks ago, the National Enquirer came out with a damning sex scandal story about Cruz, but the liberal media won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. The mainstream media doesn’t want to hurt Cruz by actually investigating or reporting on that scandal. If Cruz winds up the candidate and is running against Hillary, you can bet your last dollar the liberal media will suddenly be covering the Cruz sex scandal 24/7.

RCP April 14 2016

What may have hurt Ted Cruz the worst in the last week are the sleazy shenanigans in Colorado where Cruz got all the delegates in the caucus there. One or two talk show hosts are defending Cruz, but every normal Republican voter, including people who don’t like Trump, see the Colorado results as being dishonest, crooked and exactly the sort of thing that shouldn’t happen in a country where your vote is supposed to count. Trump might have come in first place if there had been a primary in Colorado and got most of the delegates, but because party bosses and insiders called the shots in Colorado, the vote of the people didn’t matter and all the delegates went to Cruz.

While Cruz may have scored a handful of delegates from Colorado, that little escapade has really turned public opinion against him and may wind up helping Trump get 1,237 delegates in the first vote.

Trump is polling as high as 60 percent in New York. It seems likely he will get most if not all of the delegates from New York. Trump has a substantial lead in Maryland, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Almost all of the remaining states are primaries with a lot of “winner take all” states. Trump has a very good chance of getting the necessary number of delegates to win despite all the sensationalist articles in the mainstream media.

Cruz didn’t stand much of a chance of stopping Trump, and now with a sex scandal and accusations of “dirty pool” being hurled at him, we may be seeing his campaign falling apart as Trump’s lead grows and Cruz is bogged down in a distant second or third place tied with Kasich.


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