Robbing Trump Blind

Ted Cruz head

by Jeff Davis

The Washington Post reports “For months, Bette Grande has tapped into her network of fellow conservative activists, pushing them to join her in supporting Ted Cruz for president. She has also laid the groundwork for a campaign of her own — to win a coveted spot as a delegate representing Cruz at this summer’s national party convention.”

“Grande’s work is coming to a head this weekend at a Ramada hotel and sports center, plastered with campaign merchandise, as North Dakota Republicans meet to choose the 25 delegates they will send to Cleveland in July. The priority for Grande, whether or not she wins a delegate ticket, is to make sure that those who do are committed backers of the senator from Texas. ‘Until the slate of delegates is set, we’re calling or emailing everyone,’ said Grande, who has juggled her work for Cruz with her duties picking up her grandson at day care.”

“In any ordinary year, this would be an obscure and suspense-free process, in which local party regulars are rewarded with tickets to the convention in order to focus on partying and casting a pro-forma vote for the presumptive GOP nominee. But this is no ordinary year. The growing likelihood that front-runner Donald Trump will not secure the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination has forced the candidates to prepare for a once unimaginable prospect: The nomination could be settled at a contested convention.”

The System Republicans want to rob Trump of his delegate total in the remaining primary elections and then at the convention, bribe and intimidate the delegates after Trump has been despoiled to shoehorn in a completely unwanted “other” either Paul Ryan or Jeb Bush.

The people who think the RNC will reward their duplicity by letting Cruz win, don’t understand that the RNC hates both Trump and Cruz. By getting Cruz people busy stealing delegates from Trump, they are only serving the RNC, not Ted Cruz and certainly not the will of the Republican voters.

If Trump wins New York by a landslide as all the polls are predicting, he should be back on track to winning 1,237 delegates. As Ann Coulter noted in a recent article, Trump tends to win primaries, where people are actually allowed to vote, while Cruz tends to win caucuses, where political cheaters and swindlers tend to prosper.

Ted Cruz’s shenanigans in Colorado have only outraged Republican voters, who see that state as being stolen pure and simple. Let’s hope that outrage gets turned into political activism because the Cruz swindlers need to be shut down if they try to steal any more states.


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