Corruption in Colorado, Cruz Steals Another Caucus

Colorado Poll

by James Buchanan

The results of the Colorado caucus that took place over a month ago are finally in, and Ted Cruz thanks to the bizarre system in Colorado and probably some major shenanigans got all of the delegates. This is even more ridiculous than the Utah results in which Cruz supposedly got 69 percent of the vote.

This is the same Ted Cruz, who couldn’t get a majority in his home state of Texas, and who has finished in second or third place in most other states. In other words the results in Utah and Colorado are ridiculously crooked.

An article by Pat Buchanan notes “In the race for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump would seem to be in the catbird seat. He has won the most states, the most delegates and the most votes – by nearly 2 million.”

“He has brought out the largest crowds and is poised for huge wins in the largest states of the East, New York and Pennsylvania.”

“Yet, there is a growing probability that the backroom boys will steal the nomination from him at a brokered convention in Cleveland.”

“Over the weekend, Colorado awarded all 34 delegates to Ted Cruz. The fix had been in since August, when party officials, alarmed at Trump’s popularity, decided it would be best if Colorado Republicans were not allowed to vote on the party’s nominee.”

“After all, these poor folks might get it wrong.”

It seems like any state that has an “odd” system is much more likely to go to Ted Cruz. Ann Coulter observed that Cruz tends to win the caucuses, where cheating is common, while Trump tends to win the primaries where real people are allowed to vote directly for the candidates.

There was only one poll of Colorado voters. I guess the pollsters know that the will of the people doesn’t matter in Colorado so polling them is a waste of time.

Curiously Trump beat Cruz by three points. The poll was taken way back in November, and Ben Carson did best in the poll. Carson endorsed Trump, so it’s more than a little fishy that Cruz would get 100 percent of the delegates.

This is treachery, corruption and vote thievery by the Republican Party.


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