Trump Could Be the Only Republican Candidate to Qualify for Nomination

Donald Trump

by James Buchanan

The John and Ken Show in Los Angeles was talking about the Republican Party’s Rule #40. For a candidate to qualify for nomination to be president, he needs to win a MAJORITY of the delegates in eight states. So far, Cruz has only done that in four states, and there aren’t that many states out of the remaining 16 left where Cruz might do that well. This means Trump might be the only candidate, who is a valid candidate for the Republicans.

Note that this can be different from winning more delegates than any other candidate (a plurality) which Cruz has done in eight states.

In Iowa for example, Cruz got 8 delegates out of 23 so he got more than anyone else, but he was short of a majority.

An article on reports “…Rule 40(b) of the RNC’s convention rules says that no candidate is eligible to be nominated unless he’s won a majority of delegates in at least eight different states…”

“But that’s not how the splintering’s going in the world we live in. Right now it looks like Trump will win many, many states and Cruz and Rubio will be lucky to win more than a handful each. They might still be able to hold Trump under the 1,237 delegates he needs by doing that — but what if neither of them racks up majorities in eight different states? It’s not that far-fetched.”

It will be a strange first vote if there’s only one candidate on the ballot. Would delegates simply refuse to vote for Trump or would they bite the bullet and vote for the only candidate on the list?

It would be funny if they HAD to vote for one of the qualified candidates and they were therefore forced to vote for Trump and he wins by a unanimous vote!!

If the RNC tries to change this rule after 34 states have already voted, this could easily qualify as the RNC not being “fair” to Donald Trump. If Rule 40 could be used to shut Ron Paul out of an earlier Republican convention, it should be used in exactly the same way against Ted Cruz.


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