Cruz Splitting the Anti-Illegal Alien Vote, but Can He Be Trusted?

Cruz Carson

by James Buchanan

If Donald Trump were not in the presidential race, the best we would be getting from the candidates would be bland statements about “securing the border” followed immediately by a statement that “We can’t possibly deport 12 million illegal immigrants.”

So if we had 12 million people robbing banks in America, these System politicians would just give up and let them rob banks then, right?

First they insult our intelligence by using an estimate for the number of illegal aliens that is at least 12 years old. Then they tell us it’s impossible to deport the illegal aliens even though they have bankrupted the cities of San Bernardino and Stockton in California and have forced the California government to jack up taxes to put off a looming bankruptcy. Everyone knows that California has the most illegal aliens, and judging from California, this is a problem that should have been addressed years ago, not ignored by one administration after another.

If the number of illegal aliens is only 12 million, then why was Obama making plans to print up 34 million green cards and work permits as noted here?

If Ted Cruz were sincere about wanting to deport illegal aliens that would be one thing, but there seems to be some evidence that Cruz is stealing issues from Trump to split his populist following and split up the anti-immigration vote.

In a recent article Ann Coulter notes “It’s all hands on deck to stop the only presidential candidate who wants to save America from the cheap labor plutocrats.”

“Cruz has flipped to Trump’s side on every important political issue of this campaign — which only ARE issues because of Trump. These are:”

— “Quadrupling the number of foreign guest workers to help ranchers and farmers get cheap labor: Cruz was for it, and now is against it.”

— “Legalizing illegal aliens: Cruz was for it, and now is against it.”

— “The Trans-Pacific Partnership deal: Cruz was for it, and now is against it.”

— “Building a wall: Cruz was against it, and now is for it.”

“These are all positions Cruz has changed since being a senator — most of them he’s flipped on only in the last year….”

So who would you rather trust to solve the illegal alien problem… the man who first took a strong stand on it and withstood all the media and pundit abuse or the polished latecomer, who needs funding from big corporations and support from the superpacs, who profit from hiring illegal aliens?


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