The Snake Pit of a Brokered Convention

rat and trap

by James Buchanan

Ted Cruz is supposedly fighting it out for every possible state in the hope that he will make a strong second place finish, take enough delegates away from Trump to keep Trump just under 1,237 and then the RNC will arm-twist enough additional delegate to vote for Cruz to avoid the “embarrassment” of Donald Trump being the Republican candidate.

There are two considerable problems with this: First, if the RNC has enough power to deny the top vote-getting candidate the nomination, why should they give it to the number two guy? What would stop the RNC from throwing out both Cruz and Trump and then selecting some pro-Amnesty, pro-Big Government, pro-Wall Street hack, who will carry on exactly like the Bush presidents?

The second problem with Cruz getting the nomination is the National Enquirer sex scandal story. There’s a reason why the mainstream media isn’t diving all over this story right now: They want to defeat Trump, and the best way to do that is to keep Ted Cruz in the race as long as possible, and hope that he’s selected in a brokered convention, then the liberal media will dive into the Ted Cruz sex scandal with both feet so that the Republicans lose and Hillary wins.

Donald Trump is on track to win very close to 1,237 delegates. If Ted Cruz really did oppose illegal immigration rather than glomming on to that issue in a chameleon-like imitation of Trump’s positions to steal votes from him, Cruz would graciously step out of the way so that Trump could win and the RNC would not get an opportunity to arm-twist the delegates into voting for some pro-Amnesty political hack like all the System candidates that the voters rejected.

Trump has a good argument that the RNC has encouraged other candidates to act as spoilers against him. John Kasich has no hope in hell of winning, but someone gave him enough money to stay in the race despite the fact that he lost all the primaries except his home state. If Trump falls short by a few dozen delegates, it will be due to outside forces chopping up the vote with frivolous candidates. In a field that started with 17 candidates and which still has three candidates, it’s extremely difficult to get a majority of the delegates.

Some System Republicans have openly stated that they would rather lose to Hillary with a System-approved candidate than win with Trump. This just shows how rotten the GOP has become. If they steal the nomination from Trump, he’ll likely run as a Third Party candidate, giving the System Republicans the defeat that they so deeply cherish. This will also make their party irrelevant. Who is going to donate to a party that rejects the will of its voters? If they cheat Trump, they guarantee their own extinction and replacement with a new political party that does not double cross its voters.


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