Lyin’ Ted Wins Relatively Small Unimportant State

Wisconsin 2016a

by James Buchanan

Not too surprisingly, Ted Cruz won another heavily evangelical state, where the locals couldn’t bring themselves to believe the Ted Cruz sex scandal that broke about ten days ago.

Cruz repeatedly accused Donald Trump of inventing and spreading the sex scandal story even though other sources noted that Marco Rubio’s people had been digging up information about Cruz’s extra-marital follies.

You really wonder sometimes if these Cruz supporters are more like cult members, who just blindly follow their false prophet wherever he leads them. Let’s hope he doesn’t serve up drums of poisoned Kool-Aid to his followers like Jim Jones did in Guyana when his world fell apart.

No doubt Cruz will puff himself up and give another pompous speech about how he’s “the only one who can beat Trump” while leaving out the fact that he only seems to be able to beat Trump in relatively small states, and was only able to get a plurality in his home state of Texas.

Just three weeks ago, on the second super Tuesday, Cruz got precisely zero out of five states. That doesn’t sound like someone, who can beat Trump.

Cruz is in for some more hard times as Pennsylvania and New York come up soon. Also, the rest of the nation is probably going to pay more attention to his sex scandal problem than Wisconsin did.

Ted Cruz Holding Bible


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