Five Strong Reasons Why the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal Won’t Go Away

Cruz and love child 7

by James Buchanan

An exceptionally badly written article at has the promising title “Five Reasons Why the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal Story Won’t Go Away.” There are many excellent reasons to support this, but the Roll Call writer only manages to hit one out of five nails on the head.

The article reports “It’s been a week since the National Enquirer reported that “pervy Ted Cruz” was “caught cheating” with five unnamed women. Cruz and two of the women — who have since been identified — have vehemently denied the allegations, and no one has presented any evidence. Yet the sordid story has made its mark, even in this sordid campaign season. Here’s why:”

“1. Cruz addressed it…”

Of course Cruz needs to address and deny it, just to reassure his base. The author talks about Cruz and the women vehemently denying the charges, but it doesn’t mention the lawyer-like language that Amanda Carpenter used in which she “categorically” denied the accusations and she said anyone who wanted to pursue this could “Talk to my lawyer.” Cruz’s denial has been picked apart as a carefully crafted speech full of deception. One article has the headline “Experts: Ted Cruz Appears Deceptive in His Response to Sex Scandal Story.”

Getting back to the Roll Call article:

“2. It (the Cruz sex scandal) plays well with social conservatives…”

The author makes some backwards argument trying to say this will help Cruz.. bizarre.

“3. This campaign has prepared the public for anything…”

The author wastes your time on another irrelevant point. This guy is really going out of his way to make a weak argument.

“4. The Enquirer was right about John Edwards: The last time the mainstream media ignored a salacious National Enquirer report about a presidential candidate and his seedy affair it turned out to be true…”

This is the only strong point made by this author and it’s listed next-to-the-last.

“5. Cruz is a man of mystery: [/B]Cruz has staked his campaign on his reputation as a Washington outsider. He launched his presidential campaign after just 27 months in the Senate, making him mysterious enough for a salacious story to gain traction…”

In Cruz’s case, this is a weak point. Where was this author when the ultimate mystery man, Obama was running for office? We still don’t know for certain key things like Obama’s real religious beliefs (if any), where Obama was born and what his real sexual orientation is. [/B][/COLOR]

I have little doubt this article was deliberately intended to make such a weak case, that it will do no harm to Ted Cruz. The author made wide detours to avoid anything that might actually convince people that Ted Cruz was guilty.

If I were making the list, I’d keep the National Enquirer track record point and add;

1). All five women had been in the proximity of Ted Cruz and there’s a story circulating that Heidi Cruz wanted Ted to have an all-male campaign staff. Now why would she want that unless she knew he had a habit of hitting on female co-workers?

2). Amanda Carpenter was seen ducking into a closet with Ted Cruz at a Republican convention as noted in the National Enquirer story. Unless Cruz needed help finding his coat and she had the only flashlight, I find it hard to come up with an innocent explanation for this.

3). One of Carpenter’s children was born nine months after the closet fling, and has some similarities in appearance to Ted Cruz and

4). Heidi Cruz canceled all her events in New Jersey and New York. If this were just a groundless smear, you’d expect her to go on with her regular schedule, but it seems obvious that something has badly rattled her.

The only good thing I can say about the Roll Article is that its pathetic limpness will motivate other writers to come up with much more relevant and powerful reasons for why the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal will not go away.


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