Britain Today or where We’ll Be if Trump Doesn’t Win

Big Brother

by Ian Mosley

Ever wonder where the U.S. might wind up if Hillary gets eight years as president. Well, you don’t have to wonder. Just take a look at Great Britain today to see what a liberal future holds for us.

The U. K. Daily Mail reports: “Detectives specialising in tracking extremists were drafted into a school by a headteacher because a pupil was spotted surfing Ukip’s website.”

UKIP is the U.K. Independence Party, a mildly right-of-center political party barely worth mentioning, but even the tiniest amount of opposition to liberalism and the ongoing Muslim invasion apparently sets off alarms!

The article continues “Schoolboy Joe Taylor, aged 15, and his father Mick were hauled into the secondary school office to be quizzed by police over their political beliefs. The teenager was questioned by an officer specialised in people who are being groomed online by extremists, his father claimed. Mr Taylor was shocked to be met by the officer at Wildern School, in Hedge End, Hampshire, after teachers reported ‘safeguarding concerns’ to the police.”

“The inquisitive pupil had searched the Ukip website immediately after his class had discussed issues around terrorism.”

“Mr Taylor, a 52-year-old from Hedge End, said: ‘I got a call from the school at work saying my son had been accessing a couple of websites that were politically incorrect. The police officer asked if my son is a political activist for Ukip and I said no, I am quite shocked at what you’re saying.’

“The window cleaner said his son had also previously watched a video clip online before Christmas which showed a march in Luton involving the English Defence League. He said: ‘They asked my son what are your views and Joe said there are too many people coming in the country and Ukip could do a better job of running it.'”

Well, that’s that, then. It’s a re-education camp for that young man, where his brain will be washed squeaky clean.

The liberals would like to tie anyone right of center up in a straight jacket and put duct tape over his mouth. Just take a look at the liberal squeals of outrage every time Donald Trumps tells the truth about something. We desperately need to change the course that the U.S. is going and elect Mr. Trump or we’ll be right back on the road to a liberal tyranny and soon have the police sent after us or our children should we ever do anything to challenge the liberal elites.

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