New Polls Show Trump ahead of Cruz after Enquirer Sex Scandal Story

Post Scandal polls

by James Buchanan

Most opinion polls take several days to complete. It’s been five days since the National Enquirer story on the Ted Cruz sex scandal broke so the polls coming out today should show us if the scandal is having an effect. The news is not good for Ted Cruz.

The first big upcoming primary is Wisconsin on April 5th (although North Dakota has its primary on April 1st). The Optimus poll seen on the real clear politics website has Donald Trump leading in Wisconsin with Ted Cruz in third place. Earlier polls had Cruz leading, but something apparently is causing voters to switch from Cruz to Trump, and I think we all know what that something is.

Trump is doing even better in New York with 50 percent of the vote and Ted Cruz in a distant third place. Trump is leading nationally in a PPP poll with 42 percent to Cruz with 32 percent.

Keep in mind that that the first mention of the National Enquirer story was on March 24th, only five days ago. The mainstream media has built a Iron Curtain of silence on this story. During the GOP town hall Tuesday evening, every candidate was asked about a ridiculous minor incident in which a reporter charged at Trump during an event and Trump’s campaign manager had to grab her arm and pull her away. The much bigger story about Ted Cruz’s five mistresses that ran in the National Enquirer was apparently off limits.

The reporter has spitefully filed assault charges against Trump’s campaign manager, claiming that her arm was bruised. Video surveillance from Trump’s property however does not support her claim that she was violently assaulted and almost thrown to the ground as she initially claimed. Trump has defended his campaign manager and refuses to throw him under the bus.

While the liberal media seems fixated on this campaign manager story, the much more significant Ted Cruz sex scandal is clearly chipping away at Cruz’s poll numbers, which had been rising for a week before the Enquirer story. The story will still get out to the general public even if the liberal media avoids it.

Nobody likes a hypocrite, and the worst sort of hypocrite is a religious man, who has a closet full of sex scandals. Cruz has already taken a major drop in the polls, and he’s going to fall even further as more details emerge and this story is discovered by more people.

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