Is there a Ted Cruz Love Child?

Cruz and love child 7

by James Buchanan

A thread from Reddit asks whether or not there might be a Ted Cruz love child. What makes this thread especially interesting is that it focuses on a womnan, Amanda Carpenter, whose picture appears to be one of the five Ted Cruz mistresses, and who was asked about the affair on live TV on CNN by a Trump supporter.

The Reddit article notes that Carpenter was at a Republican convention at the same time as Ted Cruz, and the National Enquirer article reportedly said that the two had a fling in a closet while at that convention, and that Ms. Carpenter reportedly had a baby nine months after that fling.

The baby has several facial features that seem to match Ted Cruz, and a younger picture of Ted Cruz as a boy seems to have the same nose and other features.

Young Ted Cruz vs love child

The argument put forth on Reddit is summarized in the pictures below. It appears as though someone has gone to a good amount of effort to build this “love child” case.

Cruz love child-1

Cruz love child-2

Cruz love child-3

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