What Happens after Ted Cruz Drops Out?

Ted Cruz Rat

by James Buchanan

The mainstream media is often cowardly and slow to tackle a new topic no matter how glaringly obvious it may be. An excellent example of this is the current state of the Republican primary after the last serious challenger to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz has spectacularly self-destructed just before Easter.

Many Ted Cruz fans (including Ted Cruz himself) are no doubt in the denial phase, which may last several more days, but the evidence against Cruz is simply overwhelming. The argument that it’s “merely tabloid journalism” by the National Enquirer overlooks the fact that the National Enquirer has specialized in taking out high profile politicians, who made the mistake of philandering a little too openly or often. The Enquirer reports that there are (at least) five women who have fooled around with Ted Cruz. This means that they have some credible evidence for each one of those five women; otherwise they would be opening themselves up for a massive slander lawsuit. Curiously, Ted Cruz has failed to suggest that any lawsuits will be filed. Perhaps, he doesn’t want to testify under oath on what he has been doing in his off hours.

A CBS news story from last year reported that there was a transfer of $500,000 from a super-pac supporting Ted Cruz to a super-pac supporting Carly Fiorina, which caught the eye of the Federal Elections Commission, who requested an explanation for this highly unusual gifting to a rival campaign. One possible explanation is that this was hush money to keep the Fiorina campaign from going public with information that they had on one of the five affairs.

An article from The Gawker notes “On Twitter, conservatives have been discussing the scandal, in vague (and sometimes less-vague) terms since March, using the hashtag #thething, which seems to have originated, or at least gained popularity, around March 11, with the Stop Trump Super PAC twitter account and GOP strategist Rick Wilson. (Given that many tweets on the subject have since been deleted, it’s difficult to track down the actual origin of the term.)”

“Those tweets, at least initially, suggested the existence of some sort of video.”

“The only things about ‘The Thing’ that people seem sure about are that 1) it involves former Cruz staffer and current Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, and 2) the media’s been sitting on it. (‘I hate getting scooped,’ Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari tweeted early this morning after the Enquirer story dropped.)”

The National Enquirer story is damning enough to put an end to Cruz’s presidential campaign. The mysterious $500k transfer and “The Thing” appear to be just more smoke from the same fire. The Ted Cruz fans and Lyin’ Ted himself can act like it’s not over, but how well will a “holy roller” evangelical Republican do in the primaries once he’s been exposed as a philandering Clintonesque hound dog?

Prior to this sex scandal, Cruz got 17.1 percent in Florida, 9.6 percent in Massachusetts and 24.9 percent in Arizona. Overall, Cruz was losing badly to Trump, and Trump was on track to win more than 1237 delegates. Cruz lost in all five states on the March 27th Super Tuesday while Trump won four of those states. The only recent alleged victory for Cruz was in Utah, where accusations of massive vote fraud are still swirling.

Still, the super-pacs continued to hammer at Trump spending another $67 million in attack ads in recent weeks directed against Trump. There was a faint glimmer of hope that Cruz might benefit from this massive smear campaign, but Cruz self-destructed before the final primaries could take place. The primary in Wisconsin won’t take place until April 5th, and by then even the most out-of-touch cabin dweller in the forests of Wisconsin will have heard of Cruz’s sex scandals.

Ted Cruz was splitting the anti-illegal alien vote, taking a large portion of those voters away from Trump. Many voters considered Trump too “crude” and “embarrassing” but now it seems Cruz has suddenly become far more embarrassing than Trump. These voters can either support Trump or the pro-Amnesty candidate, John Kasich.

The bottom line now is that the anti-illegal alien vote will go to Trump, and he will likely start winning states with well over 50 percent of the vote. The funding for Cruz will quickly dry up as it did for Rubio, and Cruz will eventually have to drop out, probably after getting beaten up badly in the next couple primaries. Kasich has virtually no chance of winning any future states, and he’ll be lucky to take a handful of delegates away from Trump.

Donald Trump has just won the Republican primary by default. Ted Cruz is no better than a zombie candidate at this point. Trump will soon have the luxury of being able to go after Hillary rather than fight off the slanders of the super-pacs or the latest nonsense from Lyin’ Ted.


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