Did a Trump Bluff Lead to the National Enquirer Releasing its Ted Cruz Sex Scandal Story?

Bimbos and Lyin Ted Cruz

by James Buchanan

I suspect the Enquirer wanted to sit on the Ted Cruz sex scandal story for a while longer. Perhaps they were gathering more material. I don’t believe they wanted to release it now, but a bluff by Donald Trump probably triggered the release of that story.

Here’s the chain of events that led up to the Ted Cruz sex scandal:

1). Cruz or his slimy allies put a nude picture of Trump’s wife in their political ads.

2). Trump responded by saying he’ll spill the beans on Heidi –without actually specifying anything. Most likely Trump was merely bluffing or wanted to rehash the “Heidi Cruz emotional breakdown at the side of the road” story. Another possibility would be Heidi Cruz’s involvement with the CFR and Goldman-Sachs. Neither of which is especially earth-shattering. If this were a poker game, this would be like having a pair of deuces.

3). Ted Cruz responded hysterically to Trump (as if Trump had nude pictures of Heidi that he was going to release –oh wait that was Ted Cruz’s people).

4). The National Enquirer, which was likely working on this Cruz mistress story for months, went into a panic because they were afraid they were going to be scooped by Donald Trump.

5). The Enquirer then published the Ted Cruz sex scandal story as soon as possible, leading to the current spectacular media frenzy that’s taken over the Internet and talk radio world.

Adding to all this was an explosive exchange on CNN involving a Trump supporter who confronted a CNN contributor, who has been named as one of Cruz’s mistresses as can be seen here:

The John and Ken talk radio show had a considerable amount of fun with this emerging scandal. Their podcast can he heard here.

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