Trump Wins Decisively in Arizona, on Track to Win Nomination

Trump 51

by James Buchanan

Donald Trump has won the state of Arizona with 46.5 percent of the vote, 23.3 percent ahead of Ted Cruz. Trump gets all 58 delegates from Arizona due to their winner-take-all system.

The state of Utah is somewhat unusual with two-thirds of its population belonging to the Mormon church. Mitt Romney has been viciously attacking Trump (who supported Romney in 2012) and the super-pacs have thrown a large amount of money into Utah to try to defeat Donald Trump.

A picture of Donald Trump’s wife, who is a former super model, posing nude has been used in political ads against Trump marking a new low for the despicable RNC and super-pacs.

The election results for Utah are going in Ted Cruz’s favor, but even if Cruz wins all the delegates in Utah, Trump will still be on track to win enough delegates to win the Republican nomination. In fact, Trump could lose four or five more small states and still win.

The bad news for Cruz and the RNC is that Cruz may not have any more states that will go his way after Utah. Trump is polling 47 percent in the latest CNN national poll among Republican voters and will likely win most if not all of the remaining states. Trump is doing especially well in New York and California, where Ted Cruz basically has zero chance.


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