McCain Distances himself from Trump in Arizona

Amnesty Traitors 2007

by James Buchanan

There’s an angry electorate in Arizona that wants revenge for Obama filing federal lawsuits that nullified much of SB1070, the voter-approved bill to crack down on illegal aliens. This would also account for Trump’s wild popularity in Arizona, where he is leading in the polls by a large margin.

You wouldn’t know all this if you read an article from “The Hill” which seems to be stubbornly locked in the year 2004 before the Tea Party revolution and at a time when sinister neocons controlled the Republican Party.

An article from The Hill claims “If Trump, the Republican front-runner, clinches the nomination his effect on GOP candidates down ballot is hard to predict but many party strategists aren’t optimistic.”

The Hill is implying that Trump running for president is a bad thing. Are these strategists like the imbeciles, who were “helping” Jeb Bush? Why is anyone still quoting their thoroughly wrong and worthless opinions?

The Hill continues “’I don’t see how Donald Trump helps any incumbent Republicans. I think he’s a drag on the ticket,’ Kolbe said.”

The article goes on to lament the fact that McCain might lose the general election to the Democrat according to a recent poll without exploring how his fanatic devotion to giving illegal aliens Amnesty might be playing a role in this.

Trump may not help the pro-Amnesty traitor and liberal Republican, John McCain, but McCain’s biggest political goal since 2007 has been pushing Amnesty regardless of what the voters in Arizona want.

McCain tried to pass an Amnesty Bill in 2007, that was shot down by the House. After lying to the people in Arizona about his position on Amnesty during the 2010 primary and claiming that he wanted to (1).build a border fence and (2).that he was a “Tea Party Republicans” –both of which are such enormous lies it’s a wonder he wasn’t struck by lightning, McCain narrowly won reelection in 2010 after outspending his main rival ten to one.

McCain then went on to stab the voters of Arizona in the back after his reelection by sponsoring ANOTHER Amnesty Bill in 2013, which thankfully was defeated in the House.

This treason did not go unnoticed and there was an Internet campaign to recall John McCain. His pro-Amnesty position can’t be covered up this election however.

The Hill article notes “While it’s too early to tell just how serious a threat his Democratic opponent will pose, McCain’s taking it seriously. He plans to work around the state over the March recess to shore up his relations with potential voters.”

“Notably, he will skip the Trump rallies in Phoenix, Fountain Hills and Tucson….”

So McCain thinks he can become more popular by avoiding Trump? Has he gone completely insane?

Admittedly, the Trump supporters would likely tar and feather John McCain if he dared to try to crash a Trump rally. That’s figuratively speaking by the way. I don’t want to help the liberals push their meme that Trump supporters (and not the leftist thugs and illegal aliens from who keep disrupting Trump events) are violent. If McCain did show up, he’d probably just get booed off the stage.

One thing that The Hill article doesn’t mention is the possibility that McCain won’t even be the Arizona Republican candidate for Senator in 2016. 41 percent of Republican voters voted against McCain in 2010. An incumbent Senator usually skates right through his primary with only a few percent of the vote going to a challenger, but McCain needed 21 million dollars and a forked tongue to survive the 2010 primary.

This year McCain is running against a Tea Party candidate, Dr. Kelli Ward, who is tough on illegal aliens and pro-Second Amendment. The primary for the Arizona Senate seat will be held on August 30th as noted here.

Every single Republican Amnesty Traitor from the 2007 Amnesty Bill except for John McCain and Lindsey Graham was compelled to retire or defeated in his next primary, thanks to the efforts of the Tea Party and millions of angry conservatives who are tired of being sold out on the illegal alien issue.

Arizona has a lot of retired elderly conservative voters. McCain was likely able to fool most of the Republican electorate in 2010 because of a large number of elderly voters who were without Internet access and who didn’t know about his treacherous tendencies. Many of these elderly voters have died off since 2010, and a much more politically aware and angry sort of Republican voter will be deciding the election in 2016. Hopefully this will put an end to John McCain’s disgraceful and far-too-long career in the Senate.

Amnesty Traitors 2013


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