Trump Holds Mass Rally in Arizona

by James Buchanan

Illegal aliens have been a plague in Arizona, stealing American jobs, bringing drug cartel crime to American cities, causing countless drunk driving accidents and driving public schools and hospitals bankrupt with their anchor babies. The people of Arizona voted overwhelmingly for a law to crack down on illegal aliens, known as SB1070. The Obama regime filed lawsuits to hold up this new law in violation of the 10th Amendment and existing U.S. Immigration law that Obama has been treacherously not enforcing.

People in Arizona are mad as hell about this government stonewalling of the will of the people, and have been waiting for someone, who would represent their views, and they’ve found their man in Donald Trump!

An article from AZCentral reports “Republican front-runner Donald Trump swaggered into Arizona again Saturday, repeating his promises to build a border wall, renegotiate U.S. trade deals and generally ‘make America great again.’”

“Wearing a blue jacket and red golf hat as he addressed the thousands gathered in Fountain Hills Park, Trump made a final pitch ahead of Arizona’s presidential primary on Tuesday.”

“‘Go out on Tuesday and vote. I will never let you down,’ he told the crowd, which had waited for hours in warm sunshine. He referred to them as a ‘loud, noisy majority.'”

“Trump was joined on stage by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, former Gov. Jan Brewer and Treasurer Jeff DeWit. Former Arizona lawmaker and 9/11 ‘truther’ Karen Johnson prayed to open the event.”

“Trump’s arrival was delayed by protesters who blockaded one of the main traffic arteries into Fountain Hills. And he was in a fighting mood as he deployed his signature name-calling.”

Leftists were actually blocking roads that led to the Trump rally location, but Sheriff Joe Arpaio had his deputies speedily arrest the leftist thugs and throw them in jail.

Trump is winning Arizona by a 12 percent margin according to a poll on RealClearPolitics. He will probably win the state by considerably more than that judging from recent history and the SB1070 controversy and the worsening illegal alien problem.

The liberal media continues to try to blame Donald Trump for all the violence caused by leftists trespassing into venues rented by Donald Trump for his rallies and then causing a public disturbance to try to deny Trump’s Freedom of Speech. If a Hillary Clinton rally were disrupted by right-wing protesters, the police would arrest every last one of them and the national news would be condemning this right-wing assault on Free Speech. Hillary however can’t draw a large crowd and there’s no point in disrupting her small lesbian get-togethers.

Third World people don’t believe in Freedom of Speech for their political opponents. Elections in Third World countries are plagued by violence and we are beginning to see this ugly tradition imported to the U.S.

The increasing violence by leftist rabble is all the more reason to deport as many illegal aliens as possible. How “tolerant” will they be of our political rights if another 50 million come to America from the Third World?!!

This is what happens when you let Third World people invade the U.S. for decade after decade with no resistance!!


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