“Peaceful” Leftists Assault People; Postpone Trump Rally with Violence

Black Protestor at Trump Event

by James Buchanan

We’ve heard the liberal meme over and over that Donald Trump encourages violence among his supporters. Of course the liberals who make this accusation, always fail to note that the problems have always resulted from obnoxious leftists, who show up inside Trump rallies and then try to keep Trump from speaking, forcing Trump and his supporters to throw them out.

I guess Trump is supposed to sit around patiently and let some red-diaper, cry-bully from the local university take over his rally until they’re through calling all the people there “racists, fascists and homophobes.”

One news article reports “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump canceled one of his signature rallies on Friday, calling off the event due to safety concerns after protesters packed the arena where he was scheduled to speak.”

“…Chicago police said five people were arrested.”

“‘It’s a shame,’ said Trump supporter Bill Tail, 43, of the Chicago suburb of Oaklawn. ‘They scream about tolerance, but are being intolerant themselves…'”

The left-wing is full of thugs, who don’t believe anyone else should have free speech.

Ironically, the leftists, who invaded the Trump event, gave Donald Trump an opportunity to talk on all the Cable News shows, where he was able to speak to 10 to 20 million Americans instead of just 30,000 at the planned event.

It was also glaringly obvious that the leftists were the agressors here as Trump has been trying to point out. By showing restraint and “turning the other cheek,” it was possible to show millions of Americans what Trump has to put up with whenever he holds a rally.

In the future, it might be good to hold events in more White areas such as the suburbs of big cities, further away from the vast welfare army of the Democrats. Chicago with its teeming hordes of ghetto scum, who are just one easy bus ride from the local sport stadium, is a recipe for disaster. At least Trump was able to expose the Left as the aggressors for all to see, and he was able to use the chaos to get more air time to get his message out to millions of people.


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