Government of California Wants to Ban Virtually All Semi-Auto Firearms

Magazine Release Button

by James Buchanan

The Democrats in California are trying to appeal to millions of ignorant fellow liberals to ban virtually every semi-automatic firearm in California. Their latest brainstorm is to ban “bullet buttons” as if this is something new or something that belongs only on military weapons, begging the issue that some rifles should only be owned by the military.

The liberals have already terrified the quiche and brie crowd with tales of “evil” “assault weapons” which is what they have renamed semi-auto rifles that happen to look like military rifles. The military rifles however can fire fully automatically (like machine guns) while the civilian rifles like the AR15 cannot. Machine guns were effectively banned from the general public in 1934, but the liberals want you to think that new laws are needed and that fully automatic weapons are still available at the local gun store.

A Washington Times article reports ” Another California bill seeks to close a legal loophole that allows firearms to include ‘bullet buttons’ to rapidly exchange empty ammunition magazines for full ones.”

“The Senate bill announced Wednesday by Democrats Steve Glazer of Orinda and Isadore Hall of Compton joins similar legislation introduced last week in the Assembly.”

The truth is that the “bullet button” or “magazine release button” to call it by its proper name is the button that causes the empty magazine to drop out of the firearm so that it can be reloaded. Virtually all semi-automatic pistols and most semi-automatic rifles have a “bullet button.”

The liberals of course don’t want to blame mass shootings on liberal-created gun free zones or the liberal-approved mass drugging of children, which occasionally leads to shooting sprees when some of these drugged up kids go off their meds. The liberals want to blame mass shootings on magazine release buttons, which have existed for over one hundred years.

The article continues “SB880 would add military-style semi-automatic weapons with detachable magazines to the list of guns prohibited under California’s assault weapons ban. Gun owners could keep weapons they already own if they register them with the state.”

So to keep your semi-automatic firearms and not become a felon in the eyes of the state, all you have to do is give the gun-hating liberals in the California government a list of all the “bullet button” guns that you own, and they’ll let you keep those guns… at least until they make a new law that demands that you turn in all those firearms.

I guess they want you to overlook the fact that they are already infringing your Right to Keep and Bear Arms as spelled out in the Bill of Rights, which is supposed to be the highest law in the land. Would you trust someone who is already breaking the highest law in the land? Neither would I.


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