Donald Trump Wins 7 More States on Super Tuesday

Sujper Tuesday Results

by James Buchanan

Donald Trump won seven more states on Super Tuesday increasing his total to ten wins. An article on reports “Donald Trump greeted his dominant Super Tuesday wins with triumphant confidence, promising to unify the Republican Party and handily beat Hillary Clinton in November.

“’I think that’s frankly going to be an easy race,’ declared Trump from the stage of a banquet hall at Mar-a-Lago, his palatial residence and private club here, where the New York billionaire also congratulated Ted Cruz on winning Texas and dismissed Marco Rubio’s viability.’

Ted Cruz managed to get a plurality in his home state of Texas, but because he didn’t get better than 50 percent, he’ll have to split up that state’s delegates with Trump, who finished second. Cruz got a narrow win in Alaska and Oklahoma, and Rubio somehow got the most votes in Minnesota.

Trump has had to battle against an arrogant, condescending news media from day one. Now that Trump has decisively won the most states on Super Tuesday, after winning the primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina and the caucus in Nevada, it should be dawning on the media that they’ve badly underestimated Trump as a serious candidate for president.

There’s little chance of Cruz or Rubio suddenly getting enough momentum to challenge Trump at this point. It will be interesting to see if the super-pacs blow another $200 million trying to challenge Trump. Jeb Bush proved highly expensive for them with little to show for it.

Trump is certain to gain some significant momentum from all these wins. Ted Cruz however just ran out of home states so it seems unlikely he will win another big state. Rubio might want to think about moving to Minnesota since he did better in that state than he’s doing in the polls in Florida.

Alaska 2


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