Trump Gets 49% in CNN National Poll, 51% in Massachusetts

Trump Polls

by James Buchanan

As Super Tuesday results are about to come in, Donald Trump has shot up to 49 percent in a CNN national poll and 51 percent in a poll of Republican voters in Massachusetts according to

Ted Cruz has suffered a meltdown in the polls as he increased his attacks against Trump. Jeb Bush similarly took a nose dive in the polls after he repeatedly tried to attack Trump, shortly before dropping out.

Donald Trump’s retaliations always seem to have a devastating effect. Jeb Bush was branded “low energy” and that stuck. Most recently Cruz has been labeled a liar, and Marco Rubio a “choke artist.”

Chris Christie helped undermine Rubio by pointing out how robotic and repetitive he was. Rubio has most recently made some ridiculously juvenile attacks against Trump, suggesting that Rubio is even far less intelligent than the robotic, flip-flopping pro-Amnesty politician that most Republicans see him to be.

A WorldNetDaily article reported on Rubio being spotted taking some mystery substance at the last debate. Speculation has ranged from a humorous suggestion that it was an “anti-choke pill” to more serious speculation about illegal drugs, that may account for the profuse sweating that Rubio has exhibited in past debates.

Basically, Trump is going into Super Tuesday with his opposition in ruins. Polls show him winning at least nine out of twelve states. Winning three states in a row has given Trump considerable momentum, and a lot of fence-sitters and moderates appear to be jumping on board the Trump bandwagon in additional to a hard core group of serious conservatives, who see the illegal alien issue as the most important problem facing America with Donald Trump the only politician whom we can trust to do something about it.


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