Trump Dominates Polls Going into Super Tuesday Primaries

Feb27 Polls

by James Buchanan

Donald Trump is going into the Super Tuesday elections with a decisive lead. An article from Business Insider notes that Trump is ahead in at least 9 out of 12 states.

Trump’s only significant rival, Ted Cruz appears to have melted down in recent polls. Apparently Cruz’s dirty tricks in Iowa have finally caught up with him. You can’t claim to be a good Christian and get the evangelical vote when you’re caught repeatedly lying.

An CNN article reports “It’s over. Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.”

“He just added Nevada to the growing list of caucus primary wins, and while he needs more delegates to clinch it, who the heck can stop him now?”

“He is leading in national polls and in many state polls; he’s succeeded in upending rivals such as Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson; and there’s no one in sight who can stop him. The only question is when will the GOP embrace him? …”

“The establishment doesn’t like him because it can’t control him. Yet he’s the only conservative candidate who stands a chance against Hillary Clinton.”

The bottom line for the 2016 election is that White people don’t want their homeland turned into northern Mexico. Unscrupulous big corporations (who control the System Republicans) want cheap illegal alien labor and the Democrat party wants illegal alien Mexicans as future voters, but sane White people do not.

Illegal aliens have nearly bankrupted the state of California and compelled the governor to hike up taxes to a point where California has the highest taxes in the U.S. The freeways and many side streets in major cities in California are horribly grid-locked for several hours every day because we have millions of Third World people, who shouldn’t be here, and the infra-structure can’t handle them.

Southern California is perpetually in a “drought” and people are encouraged to let their lawns die because millions of illegals are using up all the water that is brought over the mountains from the Colorado River. Thousands of criminals are being released early from prisons because the liberal legislature is too muddle-headed to protect the public, and you can’t get a concealed carry permit in California’s biggest cities because liberal politicians don’t want you being able to defend yourself.

Public schools in Los Angeles no longer send children home if they have head lice as noted here. To be fair, most White parents already consider the Los Angeles school system too unsafe for White children, but still this is a shocking failure nonetheless.

Three California cities have already gone bankrupt, including heavily Latino Stockton and San Bernardino. I can’t blame the rest of the country for NOT wanting to turn into a heavily Diverse Babylon like California with all its Third World problems.

In the midst of all this, the liberal media claims that it doesn’t understand why Donald Trump is so popular. Mr. Trump understands what ordinary White people in America have to put up with, and the endless failures caused by politically correct policies. Americans rightfully want to turn back the clock to a better time when we actually controlled the borders and didn’t allow MS13 drug gangsters and Guatemalans with head lice into our public schools. Not only is Trump steamrolling his opposition in the Republican primaries. He will be a big surprise for many arrogant liberals when the general election starts.

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