Trump Wins Tenth Debate as Cruz and Rubio Follow in Jeb’s Footsteps

Trump Tenth Debate 2

by James Buchanan

You’d think Rubio and Cruz would know by now that attacking Donald Trump is bad for your political career. Just ask Jeb Bush, who tried repeatedly attacking Trump. Oh wait, you might have trouble finding him. Jeb wasn’t at the latest debate because he’s dropped out of the race. His poll numbers had plunged down to single digits. One poll before Jeb dropped out had him polling one percent in Nevada. Jeb attacked Trump in a desperate attempt to salvage his campaign, and now Cruz and Rubio are following in Jeb’s footsteps.

Trump didn’t put up with his rivals’ cheap attacks. Trump noted that Rubio got into trouble with his credit cards and never created a job in his life and that Cruz was taking big loans from Citibank and Goldman-Sachs at very low interest rates to finance his campaign. Trump is self-funding his campaign so he won’t sell out the American people on the illegal alien issue. Cruz and Rubio will have to do whatever their donors tell them to do.

Donald Trump has won three states in a row now. His latest victory in Nevada garnered 46 percent of the vote, higher than the polls were predicting. While Trump may not be the first choice for a majority yet, he’s the second choice for many people and he’s seen as the best and most trustworthy on the illegal alien issue. Attacking Trump is seen as attacking his policies by many people, and the two candidates, who chose to attack Trump in past debates were Rand Paul and Jeb Bush.

Rand attacked Trump in the first debate, could never break into the top four, and bailed out early. Jeb with over 120 million dollars in special interest money behind him, lasted into the South Carolina race, made a few feeble, clumsy attacks directed at Trump, and his support base completely collapsed. Rush Limbaugh observed that after Jeb dropped out, Trump’s poll numbers went up suggesting that Trump inherited many of Jeb’s supporters contrary to what the pundits and conventional wisdom were predicting.

The post debate online Drudge Report poll shows Cruz and Rubio in the teens and Trump at over 60 percent with over 200,000 people voting.


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