Trump Wins Nevada by a Landslide; Three Victories in a Row!

Donald Trump

by James Buchanan

Donald Trump has won the state of Nevada by a landslide. Despite a still-crowded Republican field of five candidates, election results had Trump winning with 46 percent. Trump’s lead was so large that CNN projected Trump to be the winner just one minute after the polls closed.

A Yahoo news article reports “Notching three in a row, Donald Trump decisively won Nevada’s Republican caucuses Tuesday as Marco Rubio bid to elbow out Ted Cruz for second place in an increasingly urgent effort to slam the brakes on the Trump juggernaut.”

“Trump now can claim victories in the West, the South and Northeast – a testament to his broad appeal among the mad-as-hell voters making their voices heard in the 2016 presidential race. His rivals are running out of time to stop him.”

“‘We’re winning, winning, winning the country,’ Trump declared. ‘Soon, the country is going to start winning, winning, winning.'”

It was important for Trump to win Nevada to keep up his momentum, and winning it decisively is all the better. The early elections with six or more candidates made it difficult for anyone to get a large percentage. Some of those early elections were skewed by certain long-shot candidates devoting months of effort to states like Iowa or South Carolina.

An article from Business Insider notes “Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is leading in polls across a wide array of states… voting on ‘Super Tuesday,’ or March 1, when the primary will really pick up steam.”

“Of those 12 states, Trump led in Virginia, Georgia, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Tennessee, Alabama, and Alaska, according to the RealClearPolitics average of recent polls there.”

“A Vermont Public Radio poll released Monday showed Trump was leading in Vermont as well, with a nearly 20-point lead.”

The bottom line is that Americans want the illegal alien problem brought under control, and the fact that Trump is self-funding his campaign means that Americans feel they can trust Donald Trump to keep his promise to deport the illegal aliens. The not-so-secret Democrat plot to stack the demographic deck in their favor by giving Amnesty to millions of illegal aliens is strongly opposed by the vast majority of White Americans, who see their country being stolen from them. That and the continued outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs to China and Mexico has made Trump the most popular candidate by a huge margin.


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