Trump Has Comfortable Lead in the Polls Going into South Carolina

Feb 19 Polls SC

by James Buchanan

Donald Trump is holding a comfortable lead over the rest of the GOP field according to Real Clear Politics despite a recent stormy debate and even the pope coming out of the blue to take a shot at Trump.

One poll by NBC and the Wall Street Journal however claimed that Trump was trailing Cruz by two points. Curiously, NBC and the Wall Street Journal did another poll two days later that put Trump five points ahead of Cruz in South Carolina.

An average of recent polling data on Real Clear Politics has Trump ahead by 13.4 percent in South Carolina. A poll released by Huffington Post has Trump ahead by 14.6 percent.

Trump won by a good margin in New Hampshire and another win in South Carolina will give him considerable momentum and further demoralize his competition.

The Jeb Bush campaign meanwhile is already demoralized as rumors of financial insolvency swirl around the Bush camp. Jeb Bush has angrily denounced Marco Rubio for spreading these rumors and denied that his campaign is about to go bust.

Donald Trump held a town hall meeting on MSNBC. The hosts asked Trump some tough questions, but Trump stood his ground and reminded voters of Ted Cruz’s treachery against Ben Carson and Cruz’s bizarre mass mailing that threatened to publicly shame people if they did not go out and vote.

Trump also held a mass rally in Gaffton, South Carolina, and received wild applause when he mentioned building a border wall.

Things are looking good for Trump going into the February 20th GOP primary. Winning two primaries in a row will be a major milestone for the Trump campaign. Trump is polling even better in Nevada, which is coming up next. If Trump wins three elections in a row, he will be in fantastic shape for the Super Tuesday elections on March 1st.


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