Thousands of Black Teens Riot in Louisville, Kentucky

Kentucky flash mob

by Jeff Davis

Small businessmen have to live in fear of a large crowd of Black “teens” suddenly deciding to loot their stores. Admittedly, you’re in much greater danger if you own a shoe store and the latest shipment of Air Jordans has come in. In fact, you should probably hire some armed guards until you sell the last pair in that case. If you own a book store however, you’re probably pretty safe from a Black mob looting your business or even a solitary Black teen even venturing inside.

A Breitbart news article reports “A mall outside Louisville, Kentucky was forced to shut down on Saturday night as hundreds of black teens went on a rampage, running through the Mall St. Matthews until being forced out by police…. ‘There were as many as 2,000 kids at the mall — many of them unsupervised,’ said Officer Dennis McDonald, the public information officer for the St. Matthews Police Department. ‘A good amount of them were there for legitimate reasons — to shop, eat or go to the movies. But a large number were there to do nothing other than loiter, harass other shoppers and be confrontational with police officers.’”

An article from the New Observer reports: “Thousands of blacks have once again rioted at shopping malls across America… but the controlled media is still pretending not to notice the race of the rioters, describing them as ‘teens’ and ‘youths.'”

“The largest riot took place at the Mall St. Mathews in Louisville, KY …when 2,000 blacks ran amok, looting, fighting, and even firing shots at passerby. According to media reports, the first incidents were reported at around 7 p.m. …when police say around 1,000 to 2,000 ‘unruly teenagers’ began ‘disrupting the mall.'”

Holy crack pipe!! Two thousand Black teens! That’s a human tornado of destructiveness!!! Even if you go with one of the low estimates of 500 for the number of rioters, that’s still a terrifying scenario.

The article notes “The police initially described the incidents as ‘disturbances’ but later called it a riot after the large crowd of Africans became overwhelming. Police believe many in the crowd were drawn to the area by cell phone messages sent via social media. Eventually the authorities had to call fifty officers from four different agencies to get the mall under control. During the riots, fights broke out between gangs of Africans, while others took to looting. Several witnesses reported gunfire.”

“Businesses were told to close their doors and bring down steel blinds until the rampaging mob had been dispersed. Buses were brought in to drive the black mob away back to the west end of Louisville, where most had come from.”

Not to jail, in other words. They just bused them back into the jungle and released the killer primates back into the wild. That should teach them a lesson, all right. Did they get to keep whatever they looted?

The article continues “Social media comments on Facebook made by local white people complained that the police were too scared to arrest the young blacks, and instead arranged for the buses to take them away.”

“Just like many other such mall riots, flash mob attacks, and social mayhem involving large groups of nonwhites, the controlled media deliberately ignores the obvious—even though photographic and video coverage of the violence clearly shows the race of the perpetrators.”

At least the videos still tell the tale. Ironically, the Blacks themselves often put the videos of these store lootings on youtube; otherwise we might not ever hear of some of these crimes as liberal news editors carefully delete news stories that might make Black Americans look bad. I’m surprised a lot of these Internet news outlets even allow the videos to be shown any more since that clearly gives the game away. Hopefully White people will wake up to the race problem and the need to create an all-White homeland, where these Black looting flash mobs won’t bother decent folks anymore.

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