Hillary and Vote Fraud… Already

Merkel Hillary

by Jeff Davis

The 2016 primary election is clearly going to be riddled with fraud from top to bottom at least for the Democrats. Judging from stories coming out of Iowa, Hillary appears to have stolen that election.

The Des Moines Register reports: “Keane Schwarz is certain he knows the outcome of the vote in his precinct: He was the lone caucusgoer in Woodbury County No. 43. But the Iowa Democratic Party’s final results state that Hillary Clinton won one county delegate and Bernie Sanders received zero. ‘I voted for Bernie,’ Schwarz, 36, of Oto, told the Des Moines Register. ‘It was really suspicious … I’m actually pretty irate about it.'”

Now knowing the undisguised contempt that our lords and masters feel for you, I imagine you are. Hillary not only was stealing votes, she (or rather her operatives) did it in such a way that -in this case- it was glaringly obvious.

The article notes “Some complaints that Iowa Democrats have shared with the Register about discrepancies in caucus results appear to be valid. Others stem from confusion over how the math-heavy delegate-awarding system works in the Democrats’ caucus process. Party officials on Friday night were still reviewing reports and correcting errors and hadn’t yet shared candidates’ updated totals of state delegate equivalents, which determine the winner of the caucuses.”

“Sanders’ backers are more likely than Clinton’s to think the political system is rigged, polling has found. So it might not come as a surprise, especially since he lost by a hairsbreadth, that some think the Democratic caucus system is rigged. It also doesn’t help the optics that the state party chairwoman drove around for years in a car with ‘HRC2016’ license plates.”

I wonder if it’s Debbie Wasserman’s cousin or something.

There is no explanation except outright fraud for calling a precinct for Hillary when the one delegate there voted for Bernie. If you need proof of vote fraud, there it is.

Hillary also won six out of six coin tosses for caucuses where there was a tie vote. This outcome has only a mathematical chance of 1.5625 percent –in other words this is extremely suspicious. If Hillary were that lucky, she would not have married Bill.

This is actually a pretty interesting article, and if you’re interested in how election-stealing by the Democrats works in real life, check it out.

Bernie must have had poll watchers in New Hampshire though. Hillary got slaughtered there with a 60 to 38 blow out victory for Sanders. I suppose that will be the easiest way to tell if Hillary cheated or if the votes were counted fairly. If Hillary wins by a slim margin, it was probably vote fraud. If Bernie wins by a landslide, they actually counted the votes.


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