Donald Trump’s Broad Appeal

Trump Rally2

by Jeff Davis

Believe it or not, The Donald seems to be fairly popular with a lot of New Democrats.

The Daily Beast reports: “A new poll of Latino GOPers puts Trump ahead. Way ahead. And yes, there’s an explanation, in the fault lines within the Latino community. Latinos for Trump? Oh yeah, that’s a thing.

“Keep in mind three points. First, you have to understand that we’re talking here primarily about Latino Republicans, many of whom might live in red states such as Arizona or Texas. Those Latinos who are Democrats (as about 80 percent of them are, according to surveys) are busy dividing up their support between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, with most of it going to Clinton.”

So far I don’t see any comment on whether or not these “Latino Democrats and Republicans” are legal citizens of the United States and lawfully allowed to vote. If not, why do their opinions matter? Unless of course illegal alien voting is yet another dirty little secret of the two-party system and we’re supposed to tolerate it!

The article notes “…when you look at the slate of Republicans running for president—which recently got shorter with the departures of several candidates after Iowa and New Hampshire—you have to consider what is behind Door No. 2. Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush can be expected to do well with Latinos. Ted Cruz might even do better than expected with those voters. Beyond that, it’s slim pickings, and so Trump might not look so bad.”

That statement makes no sense at all. It assumes Latinos (who can vote) will support the pro-Amnesty guy, which everyone should know by now is a flawed premise.

The article continues “Finally, if it’s true that Trump is inspiring voters who feel alienated and abandoned by the political process, then the fact that there might be Latinos who support Trump makes sense. America’s largest minority knows about alienation and abandonment. So they are no more immune than other voters to what South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley described as Trump’s siren call. What he’s saying and how he is saying it may be resonating with many Latino voters.”

The real secret here is that many Latinos who have been in this country for generations and whose ancestors went through the whole legal immigration process, as long and tedious as it was, and who then became legal citizens, don’t like this latest wave of Salvadorean drug gangsters and diseased peasants and Central American Indians any more than Americans do.

“A new poll confirms it. In the national survey, which was conducted by Beck Research on behalf of the American Federation for Children, 38 percent of Latinos favor Trump. Ted Cruz got 15 percent. Jeb Bush pulled in 14 percent. And Marco Rubio, the guy who’s supposed to be the one who could unite the party and win? Just 8 percent.”

“There is also anecdotal information, including conversations I’ve had in recent months with Latino friends who are leaning toward voting for Trump.”

“There are also the emails I receive from readers like Ernesto Villareal, a Texas Latino who … wrote the following: ‘I have voted Democratic all my life. However, it will be a cold day in hell if I will vote for Mrs. Clinton. I strongly believe that Mr. Trump is the one to turn this great country of ours in the right direction.’”

Nice to know that Hillary’s unlike-ability crosses cultural boundaries. Also, many American Latinos know that they’ll have to compete with illegal aliens for waiter, busboy and garage mechanic jobs. Opposing illegal immigration isn’t just a “White thing;” it appeals to many Latinos and it also appeals to the more intelligent Blacks as well.

The results of the caucus in Nevada coming up soon will give us a glimpse into what Latinos think of Trump. I think we’ll see that his popularity extends beyond the more White states like Iowa and New Hampshire.


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