Trump Gets 44 Percent of Republican Vote Nation-Wide in Morning Consult Poll

Donald Trump

by James Buchanan

An article on the Morning Consult website reports “After winning New Hampshire’s presidential primaries by wide margins, New York real estate magnate Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders are soaring to new heights among their respective party’s voters, a new Morning Consult poll finds, signaling momentum as voters in new states prepare to weigh in.”

“Trump, who doubled his nearest rival in Tuesday’s vote, attracts 44 percent of the vote among self-identified Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, the highest level of support he has achieved in a Morning Consult survey.”

Donald Trump is increasingly being seen as a serious candidate as he’s maintained his lead in the polls and placed second in Iowa and first in New Hampshire.

A lot of American love to jump on the winning bandwagon, and we may be seeing that effect as Trump’s poll numbers are rising after the first two primary elections.

Trump is predicted to win South Carolina with 37 percent as noted here and he’s predicted to win Nevada with 33 percent as noted here.

The Republican primary in South Carolina is on Feb. 20th and the Republican caucus in Nevada will be Feb. 23rd. There will be at least one Republican debate before those primaries.

If Trump wins both those elections as predicted, he will be even stronger going into Super Tuesday on March 1st, which will have 14 states voting including Texas.

It doesn’t look like anything can stop the Trump steamroller. Trump has a good chance of winning the Republican primary on the first vote. Even if he falls a little short of the required number of delegates, who else but Trump could be the presidential candidate if he places first in almost every state?


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