Two Big Victories in New Hampshire: Trump Wins, Hillary Loses

New Hampshire Trump

by James Buchanan

The New Hampshire primary has confirmed what many of us already knew: That the immigration issue is the most important one for Republicans and that people don’t like System candidates in either the Republican or Democrat Party.

A number of pundits seemed to think Trump was stumbling when he placed second in Iowa. This likely caused some pollsters to tweak their data downward. The Iowa caucus is not really that important, especially in a 12 man race. There will always be crazy candidates, who will devote months to Iowa in a desperate bid to get some momentum. Well, it didn’t do Cruz much good as he placed third with 12 percent in New Hampshire. The smart move in Iowa is to place in the top four and then to win in New Hampshire, which is what Donald Trump has done.

In fact, placing second in Iowa may have helped Trump because all the pollsters seemed to be lowering expectations for Trump. Most of the recent polls for Trump were in the 28 to 33 range with an average of 31 percent, so Trump’s 35 percent in New Hampshire suddenly seems like a big win.

Another plus for Trump is that John Kasich came out of nowhere and finished second with 16 percent, and that Trump’s more serious rivals Cruz and Rubio finished third and fifth respectively. Kasich is no real threat and likely put an inordinate effort into New Hampshire, much like Cruz put an enormous effort into Iowa.

Trump’s win by a big margin in New Hampshire and the total disorganization of his opposition suggest that Trump will likely go on to win the Republican nomination. Trump continues to poll near 40 percent nationally.

As if Trump’s solid win in New Hampshire is not enough good news for one day, Hillary’s crushing defeat is a great cause for celebration. The thoroughly evil Hillary is a snake in the grass capable of anything. She likely stole the Iowa caucus from Bernie, but Sanders got 60 percent and Hillary only got 38 percent in New Hampshire, a devastating loss by any analysis.


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