Trump Gets 64 Percent in Time Poll on Who Won Eighth GOP Debate

Eighth GOP Debate

by James Buchanan

The last GOP debate hurt Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and apparently helped Donald Trump, at least according to a post debate poll by Time magazine with over 58,000 people voting.

Additional polls at show Trump pulling in about a third of the votes in the still crowded field, with Trump’s many GOP rivals splitting up the remaining votes into much smaller chunks.

The New Hampshire primary will be important in determining if all the polls showing Trump ahead will translate into actual votes in the primaries. (There’s also the possibility that the GOP might resort to wholesale vote fraud against Trump, which could cause the polls not to line up with the primary votes. Hopefully Trump has hired people to do exit polls –which is a tactic that the U.N. uses to monitor vote fraud in Third World countries.)

Trump narrowly lost the Iowa caucus to Ted Cruz. The mainstream media however didn’t tell you that Cruz spent about two months in Iowa –an impossible amount of time to devote to each state. Other candidates also poured enormous resources into Iowa. A smart candidate who’s running a national campaign will put a token effort in Iowa and hope to finish in the top four there. Trump’s second place finish was extremely impressive for anyone, who knows the circumstances of that election.

Ted Cruz’s dirty trick against Ben Carson has no doubt tarnished his reputation badly. It’s not even clear if the number of votes Cruz stole from Carson were necessary for him to get first place. He might have finished first without any stigma. Now, Cruz is polling badly in New Hampshire and he’ll be lucky to place third.

The polls are very promising for Trump, but we’ll have to wait until the New Hampshire primary is over to see whether or not the two-party system is willing to let a political outsider become the Republican candidate or if Diebold machines, vote fraud and hidden wire-pullers rule this nation.


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