Was the Story of a Brutal Rape-Murder of a Beautiful White TV Anchor by a Black Suppressed?

by James Buchanan

Did liberal news editors withhold the race of a rapist-murderer until after the 2008 election to help Obama?

A stunningly beautiful news anchorwoman was raped and brutally murdered in her home by a Black man in October, 2008. Police investigators would have immediately known the race of the attacker because of hair and DNA evidence, but no mention of a Black rapist was made. If this were Germany or France, there would have been weeks of national attention devoted to the story of a beautiful young woman with a promising media career ahead of her having her life brutally cut short. Because this is politically correct America, this story has been largely suppressed. Women in Arkansas were unnecessarily endangered because of a political decision not to tell them to beware of a Black rapist on the loose.

The liberal media made certain that no mention was made that the rapist was Black before Election Day, Nov. 4th. Why remind the American public that every beautiful young White woman runs the risk of being raped and murdered by some thoughtless Black thug? Why remind the American public that liberals are always “soft on crime” and would let criminals like this one out of jail to commit more crimes? Why remind the American people that Barack Obama has half of his ancestry from the same brutal primitive race that produced this murderer?

An ABC news story reports “The investigation into the murder of popular Little Rock, Ark., anchorwoman Anne Pressly may help solve a second crime. New details are surfacing about the prime suspect in the Anne Pressly case. Kristen Edwards, of Marianna, Ark., was raped and attacked in April. Police say that DNA evidence from Pressly’s crime scene matched Edwards’ attacker, and detectives from both cities collaborated to search for a suspect. Curtis Lavell Vance was arrested Nov. 26 and charged with Pressly’s murder. Pressly, 26, a rising star on the local morning news scene, was beaten into a coma and raped in her apartment in October after a break-in, apparently by a stranger who took her laptop computer, a credit card and little else. The face so many in her hometown had come to know was crushed beyond recognition. Some 100 miles away, Edwards, a schoolteacher and fan of Pressly, was attacked while getting ready for work. ‘It was a surprise,’ Edwards told ABC News. ‘He was hiding in my living room, and I never saw it coming. Never saw it coming.’ Edwards’ attacker had come at her from behind, and forced her to lie on her stomach so she could not see his face… But Anne Pressly fought back against her attacker. Doctors also found that her left hand had been broken — a defensive wound.”

If the authorities had warned the public about the earlier rape of Kristen Edwards, maybe the rape and murder of Anne Pressly could have been avoided. If a DNA record of Curtis Lavell Vance had been put on file after he committed a series of petty thefts (and it was becoming obvious this miscreant was not improving), he could have been caught immediately after he committed the first rape of Kristen Edwards in April, which definitely would have saved the life of Anne Pressly.

Political Correctness doesn’t just steal money and jobs and promotions from White people, sometimes it gets us killed by NOT warning us of a dangerous Black criminal on the loose “for fear of making the Blacks look bad” or not registering the DNA of a budding young Black criminal because the liberal ACLU wants to protect the privacy of criminals. Apparently White people being horribly attacked and murdered is less important than censoring unpleasant news about the minorities. Over 50,000 Whites have been murdered by Blacks since the Supreme Court outlawed segregation. This is a greater death toll, than the US suffered in the Korean War.

What is especially disgusting about this case is the fact that politicians and police chiefs were almost certainly being even more politically correct than usual for fear of hurting Obama’s chances in the Nov. 4th election. They KNEW it was a Black who brutally raped Kristen Edwards in her home, and they did not warn the public. If the authorities had given a clear warning, White women could have been watching out for suspicious Black men in their neighborhoods, been more careful about locking all their doors and windows and maybe armed themselves so they would not have their heads bashed in as happened to Miss Pressly.

Blacks commit close to 50 percent of all the murders in the US and -in past years- have committed close to 50 percent of the rapes even though they only make up about 12 percent of the population.

I would not be surprised one bit if several White people in Anne Pressly’s neighborhood saw the Black criminal lurking about and failed to call police because they didn’t want to seem “racist.” If the authorities had been honest and warned the public to be on the look out for a Black rapist, and some aware citizen saw this thug lurking near the home of a beautiful woman, it might have made the difference between the police being called and saving this woman’s life.


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