Trump’s Plane Makes Emergency Landing

Trump Airplane

by James Buchanan

A Reuters news article reports “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s plane made an emergency landing in Nashville, Tennessee, on Wednesday because of engine trouble, officials said.”

We have a very evil, corrupt political system here in the United States and it is seriously dangerous to try to change any of our government’s policies like stopping the mass invasion of the U.S. by illegal aliens from the Third World.

Just ask Senator Paul Wellstone, who opposed the neocon wars in the Mid East. Oh wait, you can’t ask him because he died in a mysterious plane crash.

Then there’s Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, who was in the U.S. Senate for 41 years. Stevens probably knew a lot of scandalous information about his colleagues in the Senate after that much time there. Stevens was being investigated for corruption at the time of his death in a plane crash.

And don’t forget Commerce Secretary Ron Brown who was the target of a corruption investigation. According to this source and others, a close confidante to Brown, Nolanda Hill, has reported that Brown had confronted Clinton just before his trip — telling him, “I won’t go down alone.” Well, Brown didn’t go down alone. He went down with a plane load of people, to make his death look more like an accident. The details surrounding Ron Brown’s death are very alarming, including a bullet wound to the top of Brown’s head. Someone was making sure Brown was dead. WorldNetDaily discusses Ron Brown’s mysterious death here.

If the Clintons ordered the assassination of Ron Brown to protect themselves, it would not be much of a stretch for Hillary to order the assassination of Trump to remove the populist candidate. Hillary would stand a much better chance running against Ted Cruz than Donald Trump.

The most interesting thing about Trump is that it will test how much control our enemies insist on having. The Jews could potentially let Trump become president and let him deport the illegal aliens, while keeping the (Jewish) Federal Reserve Banking system intact and maintaining US support for Israel, but would that be enough for them?

Is the flooding of America with Third World people so important to the Jewish elites that they won’t tolerate any setbacks to that policy? Would they resort to assassination to stop any populist politician, who might derail one of their plans?

Let’s hope Donald Trump increases his personal security including guards for his personal business jet.


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