Trump Gets 61 Percent in Drudge Poll

Drudge Poll Jan 30 2016

by James Buchanan

Trump’s decision to skip the last presidential debate appears to have been the right one as Trump has scored 61 percent in an on-line Drudge Poll for the best Republican candidate with the impressive number of 1.4 million votes cast.

Several news agencies did not react to Trump’s last minute withdrawal leaving up online polls with Trump’s name still in them. Curiously Trump was voted as the winner of several of these polls, scoring 51 percent in Time magazine’s debate poll for example.

The Republican candidates, who did attend the Fox News debate, probably wished they hadn’t. Cruz and Rubio were both hit with questions about them supporting Amnesty in the past. One news article notes “Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Thursday night threatened to walk off Fox News’ Republican presidential debate stage if moderators asked what he deemed to be another ‘mean question.’ (Cruz noted) ‘The last four questions have been Rand, please attack Ted, Jeb, please attack Ted,’ Cruz said in reference to his rivals, as the audience booed. Moderator Chris Wallace cut in to say they were all participating in a ‘debate,’ but Cruz interjected again. ‘Gosh, if you guys ask one more mean question, I may have to leave the stage,’ he said.”

You’d think Cruz would have realized by now that Fox News had an agenda to ask vicious questions, the likes of which never seem to hit Hillary or Bernie Sanders. Trump tried to get Fox to agree to better terms, possibly dismissing one or more lightweight hosts that they used the first time around, but he couldn’t get them to cut a good deal so he walked, leaving Fox News with less than half the viewers it got during the first debate.

Fox desperately tried to get Trump to reconsider, reportedly apologizing for rude behavior by certain Fox News employees, but their apologies arrived too late and Trump’s rally for American veterans had already been put on track.

While Jeb and Rubio were making a futile attempt to puff themselves up at the debate, Trump raised over six million dollars for wounded veterans. The Iowa caucus is just days away and recent polls show Trump likely to win the first three states with little trouble.

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