CNN Will Host Trump’s Pro-Veteran Rally Thursday Evening

Donald Trump

by James Buchanan

Donald Trump’s rally to raise money for veterans’ charities will be aired on CNN at the same time that Fox News will be hosting the GOP “loser debate.”

Instead of having to sit through monologues by Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio before Trump is allowed to speak, Americans will be able to listen to nothing-but-Trump instead.

Fox News was apparently preparing a last ditch attempt to torpedo Donald Trump including a Muslim guest, who would no doubt try to “shame” Trump over his plan to temporarily stop immigration from Muslim countries (in the face of an Islamic terrorism crisis).

Trump correctly decided that he doesn’t need Fox, and that they are the people, who need him.

An article on the Gateway Pundit reports “CNN announced Wednesday they will host Trump’s counter-programming to the FOX debate.”

Trump is the big star in the GOP primary. An article on Breitbart reports that “83 percent of Fox News viewers surveyed said they won’t watch the Fox News GOP primary debate on Thursday without Trump participating.”

The people at Fox were looking to ambush Trump, but Trump will have none of that. Trump won all the post-debate polls for the first six debates so why should he have to sit through yet another debate, with a bunch of nobodies like Jeb Bush and some light weight moderators?

By staging his own debate, Trump can prove his star power, and make the Fox-hosted debate a ridiculous spectacle with only a fraction the audience that a rally with Trump will have. Trump’s rival event appears certain to beat out Fox for the Thursday evening ratings.


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