Tens of Thousands Protest Abortion in Washington D.C.

anti-abortion protest 2016

If a tiny handful of illegal aliens or homosexuals hold a protest somewhere, the mainstream media will be out there covering the event as if it’s the most important thing in the world. Meanwhile, a truly significant mass protest against abortion just took place in Washington D.C., and it got virtually no news coverage except for a mention on a French news service.

An AFP news article reports “Tens of thousands of people braved the cold in Washington on Friday ahead of a major snow storm to march in protest on the 43rd anniversary of Roe v Wade, the US Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion.”

“The large crowd gathered for the March for Life rally and listened to speakers at the National Mall before marching to the Supreme Court to show their discontent with the landmark 1973 ruling.”

“‘We have 60 million Americans killed by our own people,’ said Karl Menvel, a truck driver at the march, referring to abortion.”

“…Catholic nuns and Dominican friars marched alongside Protestant evangelicals, some waving pro-life banners and placards.”

“The crowd included students and parents with young children…”

White people have been brainwashed to have smaller families since the 1960s supposedly for the good of the planet. At the same time, Jewish and liberal activists have worked tirelessly to let millions of Third World people into the U.S. (and other White nations around the world).

Left wing politicians know that Third World people are more likely to vote for left wing parties, which offer them all sorts of government assistance, endlessly burdening White taxpayers with no end in sight. Most of these invaders work minimum wage jobs or work for cash and therefore pay almost nothing in taxes while putting a heavy burden on government services. For example, one illegal alien mother with four children will cost the Los Angeles school system $25,000 per child per year, which means a total cost of $1.2 million dollars to put all four of her kids through 12 years of public schools.

The burden of supporting illegal aliens and welfare recipients falls primarily on White taxpayers, who pay much higher taxes as a result and who also put off having families because they’re left with so little money.

The opposition to the liberal destruction of traditional American society is widespread, and the Democrats may soon see it manifest itself when Americans elects a president, who will stop the Third World invasion and hopefully put us on the road back to sanity in government.

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