The CNN Ratings Dumpster Strikes Again


by James Buchanan

A poorly thought out liberal opinion article (Is there any other kind?) from CNN reports “As president, Trump says he would eject some 11 million undocumented workers from the country.”

First off, we should never let some liberal liar, whether it’s a CNN reporter or faux Republican candidate, like Jeb Bush, get away with low-balling the number of illegal aliens. It is NOT 11 million. If you want a much more accurate estimate of the number of illegal aliens, consider this: The Daily Mail reports that Obama ordered 34 million visas and green cards to be printed up. That’s the real number: 34 million illegal aliens, not 11 million, which is the same number some politicians have been using since the 1990s, which was probably too low back then!

The CNN article continues “He cites a specific model for his proposal: ‘Operation Wetback,’ an aggressive and unprecedented sweep by U.S. Border Patrol agents in the mid-1950s that plucked Mexican laborers from fields and ranches in targeted raids, bused them to detention centers along the border, and ultimately sent many of them deep into the interior of Mexico, some by airlift, others on cargo boats that typically hauled bananas.”

“During an interview with Jake Tapper that aired Sunday on ‘State of the Union,’ Tapper noted that many people recall the 1954 operation as a ‘shameful chapter in American history.'”

What’s shameful about enforcing the law and a nation protecting its sovereignty?

Liberals have no right to destroy our home with a Third World invasion in the name of political correctness. If the liberals truly want to live somewhere surrounded by Diversity, they can all move to Zanzibar or Marrakesh. They won’t however because they’re hypocrites. They’re all for destroying middle class White neighborhoods all over America with a flood of illegal aliens, but their rich liberal suburbs never see these illegals except as nannies and gardeners.

Donald Trump is the first politician to come along since Eisenhower, who’s got a good chance to be elected president, and who is on the same side of the illegal alien issue as most Americans. The liberal media and System politicians can scream all they want. If anyone wonders why CNN’s audience has shrunk to less than half a million viewers, they can thank their anti-American policies for making CNN a ratings dumpster.


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